Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Criminal Mind and the Left

Fred Hirsch

killed by Two Gun Crowley

Dale Carnegie was a student of human nature. He made a fine science out of it and wrote the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People". The book was based on lessons he had learned in dealing with people over the course of many years. He knew the quirks of mankind . He begins the book with the story of several men who were evil but considered themselves to be just ordinary goodhearted plain folk who were dealt with far too harshly.

One such was the notorious rapist- killer Francis "Two Gun" Crowley. Crowley was quick on the trigger and would kill a man for any reason at all, sometimes for no reason at all. He had killed a cop just for asking him to see his driver license. The policeman left behind 4 small children and a wife.

New York City police commissioner E.P. Mulrooney said that Crowley would kill anyone at "the drop of a feather". He was a deadly armed robber who with pal Rudolf Durunger thought nothing of kidnapping a young New Yorker and beating, raping and killing her.It was great sport for Crowley and pal.

One of New York City's most notorious incidents was the fire fight between Crowley and the police. Hold up in a City Apartment building in one of the finer neighborhoods, Crowley exchanged fire with the police who were even chopping holes in the buildings roof to get to him. 10,000 people witnessed the gun battle that ended in the capture of Crowley. While the fight was going on he took time out to write a short note about himself for posterity saying,

To whom it may concern,
Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one-one that would do nobody any harm".

And that is how Two Gun Crowley saw himself. Sentenced to die at Sing Sing prison Crowley said, "This is what I get for defending myself". Crowley had never "defended" himself. He was a cold blooded murderer.

The second case was that of Mafioso mobster and murderer Alphonse Gabriel " Al" Capone who saw himself as a true benefactor of the American public. He often spoke of himself as one who did so much for the community and about how misunderstood and mistreated he was. No one appreciated him, said the rapist and murderer. This vicious thug thought he was the one being mistreated.

Dutch Schultz was another one Mr. Carnegie mentioned as a prime example of hundreds of felons who saw themselves as good people, mistreated by others. Dutch Schultz was nothing but a dirty rat , yet he saw himself as a public benefactor and all around good guy. He was neglected and treated badly as a youth and this, he thought, entitled him to murder ,rape and steal.

Carnegie went on to speak about Lewis Lawes, warden of infamous SingSing prison in upstate New York that housed some of the worst felons of all time. He stated that "few of the criminals in Sing Sing regard themselves as bad men. They are just as human as you and I. So they rationalize., they explain. They can tell you why they had to crack a safe or be quick on the trigger finger. Most of them attempt by a form of reasoning, fallacious or logical, to justify their anti-social acts even to themselves, consequently stoutly maintaining that they should never have been imprisoned at all."

The comparison here to the thinking of terrorists and thuggish governments, is almost exact. These are felons who think they are in the right, misunderstood and unappreciated and who believe in their twisted minds that whatever they might have experienced or, for just being who they are ,they somehow have the right to murder others with impunity or to thumb their nose at the law abiding world. They believe they can scoff at the laws of sovereign nations and that , really, the law doesn't apply to them.They are above law and order.It is only for others,not for them.

How , though , do we explain the people who support them and agree with them? People who ride on boats with them, stand up as human shields for them and aid and abet these criminals?

I believe it can be explained in the same way. By supporting these criminals in their murderous rampages and genocidal hatreds, their supporters are acting out their own anti-social tendencies. The same tendencies that incarcerated criminals have. And, this is the thinking of the left.

It is their opinion that they are above the law, above G-d, above it all that enables them to think they can violate another nations security and sovereignty without any consequences at all. After all, they are above everyone and everything. Others commit crime, but they cannot commit crimes because they are better than everyone else. So they jump on board boats and sail with arrogance into another nation. No permits necessary, no inspection of cargo, laws that every nation on earth has and enforces. But to these people there are no laws that apply to them. This is the thinking that allows them to aid and abet criminals in their crimes and these people are every bit as guilty as the thugs they help. These little helpers are attracted to evil. Killers, rapists, abusive people intrigue them, and they are drawn to such.

Do you know why the left is so preoccupied with ending capital punishment? Do you think it is from soft heartedness? If that is what you think, you must reconsider in light of what I have said here. No, the left's concern with ending capital punishment , all forms of punishment really, is their identification with evil.

They can understand why criminals do what they do. It makes sense to them and they can see themselves in the criminals shoes and don't want to see felons be prosecuted or condemned because it could one day be them. This explains why the flotilla, which was a terrorist undertaken propaganda mission designed to provoke a reaction from Israel and the world was supported by so many. Lots of criminal minds in the world no? Scary isn't it?


  1. people who want power over others often see themselves as oppressed and disenfranchised

    the problem is that the franchise they want is not equality, but power or complete amorality

    the left's own greed for power is in sync with that of theirs

  2. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Is there capital punishment in Israel?

  3. Well they put Eichman to death didn't they? Israel uses capital punishment for crimes against humanity , genocide ,etc.

  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I've been told that the reason there isn't capital punishment in Israel, is because of something to do with Moses, Mount Sinai, and two stone tablets. I was and am still surprised that you omitted that.

  5. Huh?
    What have the commandments to do with capital punishment?
    The commandments state that you shall do no MURDER.
    Then the rest of the commands in the bible stipulate the death penalty for a murderer convicted on the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses.
    You need to blow the dust off a bible and give it a good read!
    And THERE IS CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN ISRAEL for genocide and crimes against humanity.

    The governments of the world today are not run by G-ds rules for it, even including Israel.

  6. The Death Penalty is called for in the 'bible' for the following acts:
    1.premeditated murder
    2. some forms of kidnapping
    4.being a false prophet or idol worshipper.
    there are a few others as well.


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