Monday, December 27, 2010

World Trade Sphere Plaza Patterned after Mecca

If this is old news to you, I apologize. It was new to me. It seems this has been around for a long time but not widely publicized.

But try this on for size :

The "Sphere" was located in the court yard of the World Trade towers. The Sphere itself was a gold ball enclosing a black ball that symbolized the Kaaba in Mecca. The plaza itself was also a copy of the Mecca courtyard.

“The Sphere” is 25 feet high and cast in 52 bronze segments. Koenig considered it his biggest child. It was put together in Bremen, Germany and shipped as a whole to Lower Manhattan. It was meant to symbolize world peace through world trade, and was placed at the center of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by trade center architect Minoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, Masjid al-Haram , in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba . It was set to rotate once every 24 hours, and its base became a popular lunch spot for workers in the trade center on days with good weather." from Wikipedia.

So the courtyard between the World Trade buildings was originally patterned to mimic the courtyard at Mecca.

After 911 the damaged "Sphere" was relocated to Battery Park as a "memorial" to the massacre.

You have to ask yourself what in the world is going on. We see that the memorial in Pennsylvania to those who lost their lives on Flight 93 is a "Crescent" of embrace that faces Mecca, the crescent itself a symbol of the moon and a symbol of the Mohammedan religion.

HERE is an old article on it from Slate Magazine circa 2001.



  1. it's creepy that the muslim occupation of the area dates so far back culturally

  2. I'm glad you're posting this. It's very new to me.


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