Thursday, February 17, 2011

Media's World is Cracking

There is loud cracking sound in the media world tonight:

"As a reporter, some things just break your heart . Like watching the govt of moderate, tolerant Bahrain kill its people."

That was a tweet by Nick Kristof of the NY Times as media tries to understand why their view of the world is at odds with what is actually going on.
Their feelings are not reinforced by what their eyes see.

Moderate, tolerant, lovely, peaceful, good, righteous, morally upright. The list of adjectives can fill books written for those with cognitive dissonance. This is the feeling of confusion someone can get  when they hold  two conflicting thoughts   at the same time. When what they think conflicts what what they really see.

The view of the media , Hollywood and many politicians has been twisted since long  before the wanton murder of reporter Daniel Pearl.  Their mindless dislike of Israel is so powerful that it blinds them to truth. So the rape of Lara Logan, Anderson Cooper getting his head punched  and the beating of Miguel Marquez have to be disorienting.

It is not easy to spin murder, rape and violence into religion of peace articles. It might be getting harder and harder to make people believe it. It will be interesting to see how liberal media spin all this to the advantage of the Arab nations. Because, after all, they can not be at fault , not ever.

The unrest in the Middle East is about the Mediterranean , the Suez Canal and Gibraltor, key military points any nation would love to control. Simply look where the nations in scripted turmoil are located. They ring the Mediterranean Sea.


  1. tolerant... sure to foreign reporters when things are good

    it's a different game when they try to overthrow the regime

  2. I'm sure that, for the very least, their deeply disconcerting mental state would provide some good learning material for future history students.

    And while I can't say I'm glad such deluded lunatics hold any sway over public opinion, I do enjoy seeing them get a taste of their own medicine.


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