Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who Will Control the Middle East ?
Strangling the West

Israel does not live in a vacuum. What happens in the world will effect her eventually, and the world is always more than willing to sacrifice Israel for what they want. 

Why is it there is so little news on the importance of the  Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea and the importance of Libyan oil to Europe? Is it a myopic view of things that is keeping news from looking at the overview of the middle eastern situation?

While Germany has announced it has enough reserves to hold on through a crisis in the middle east, they are well aware that the rise in prices will be difficult and that things might get far worse if new governments take over in Egypt, Libya, etc.

Controlling the flow of oil would give Moslem nations tremendous bargaining power in the world. Money talks. Money makes people do the worst things. The goal of the Moslem religion is control. If a Moslem brotherhood can control oil flow, they have a very powerful weapon indeed. If Europe can control the middle east, they will have a very great ace in the hole for themselves.

While the news is full of how awful things are in Libya there is not much about how Europe receives over 10% of its oil from Libya. Italy itself buys a third of Libya's oil. Nor is there much about the rising prices that will add to the financial woes of an already overburdened Europe.

The net is full of opinions and stories about how awful Khadaffi is but, he has been awful for years and there is no reasonable alternative, no better alternative really. "Democracy" is not going to be put in place in Mohammedan nations no matter what pipe dreams bloggers and the media have. It is simply not something they can or could uphold or ascribe to, and the worst scenario is radical moslems in charge of the Suez Canal. For oil to easily flow to Europe the Suez must remain open and the Mediterranean must be free to traffic.

The Suez canal is imperative to oil exports in the middle east. It is perhaps the most strategic place in the middle east at the moment and with the Moslem Brotherhood in view as a possible replacement for Mubarak the world should be quite worried about the flow of traffic through the Suez.

The Suez canal cuts the length of travel from the orient to Europe in half. It is the most active canal in the world and is the main passage for oil from the middle east to Europe. Its value cannot be overestimated!

Whoever can control the flow of oil through the middle east will have a strong hand in the region. This is why the Suez and whoever can control  it is of extreme importance.
Will Iran ally itself with Egypt and Libya over the next little while? It may be a very real scenario in the effort to control the flow of oil to the world.

 What will Europe need to do to keep the flow of oil free in the middle east? War?  Compromise? Appeasement of Mohammedans? We see the result of appeasement in Europe now, don't we? Has anti Semitism increased as a result? Yes, it has. Europe is more than willing to toss its Jewish citizens under the bus for oil and "peace". At whose expense will any of these things happen? And remember, Europe is really no friend of Israel, despite the phony hype to the contrary.

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  1. Israel should never have agreed to Camp David, that's more obvious now than ever

    and scotland and england are about to regret their deals with libya


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