Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Because it's all about Race

All race all the time!
the beauty of color
Too many white men in positions of power especially in the military says a recent rant from those among us who love to make everything about race.

You can read about this here complete with all the whining and goofy ideas that keep race in the uppermost of people's minds. 
I mean, otherwise they might become color blind don't you think? So let's keep pushing the racial agendas.
I do not supply barf bags with the link.



  1. clearly we need to start promoting officers based on their race

  2. How about on their height and weight or maybe musical ability.
    Maybe only those who wear glasses or braces.
    Maybe only those who have recovered from serious ailments.
    We could also use eye color or shade of teeth etc.
    Foot size is also a good indicator of ability they say.

  3. You can be sure some planted leftists in the military, just like they're planted all over our society, and in the highest places too, continue to simmer the race issue, to keep up the charade so they can manipulate to their likings later and elsewhere, when the occasion befits their secret agenda to bring this country to its knees. This goes higher than Obama, who is merely their pawn in this desperate end-game to make this administration the one that shifts the conspiracy into high gear.

  4. I believe you may well be right.

  5. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Daniel Greenfield @ Sultan Knish blog says "clearly we need to start promoting officers based on race." Surely you jest!. I sincerely hope that is a sarcastic remark. Otherwise it is the HEIGHT of racism.

  6. surely there couldn't be anything sarcastic about it


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