Thursday, February 14, 2013

Animal Crossings

Do animals use wildlife bridges?       You bet they do.
See this slideshow of unique wildlife bridges that show good human stewardship of the land.
You will  seee some pretty different ideas including a bridge for crabs.  Human inventiveness is amazing!

"Run ! "
If you think they are not needed, try running into a 1300 pound moose on a highway at 60mph. You probably won't be around the next day to talk about it my friend.    They stand over 7 feet high at the shoulder alone.

 Animals were created with instinct and senses that lead them and help them make their way in the world.
Birds know where to go and when to go south in the autumn.  They know by instinct how to build their homes and make them last. They know what food to eat and where to find it.

Trail no wider than your a hand span
Elephants make pathways in the wild and stick to them for generations. They stick to those same paths just as man is to walk on the same straight path through life. Animals seem to be an indicator that there is only one right path on which to navigate.

Fish know where to go and migrate to certain places to spawn and to give birth.
In the woods around me I can show you the paths that the animals use consistently. They take the same route over and over again.  Their tracks show the way but when there are no tracks to follow you can see the beaten narrow route that they take.   Hunters follow them as do some hikers. They will usually lead to a water source.
You can see where animals bed down by the squashed and indented vegetation. You can see who passed on the trail and how long ago by the peculiar print and it's depth and freshness on the trail.

How do I know? I have spent hundreds of hours outdoors camping, fishing and tracking wildlife with my scientist father from the time I was very little.       
Since animals use the same trails over and over, people often will put up cameras like a 'Plot Watcher' to catch film of wildlife activity on well traveled game trails.

But do animals use wildlife paths?    

They sure do because these bridges are not just  built any old place.    Instead, they  are on established game trails that animals have used for hundreds of generations.
Sometimes you will see signs that say deer crossing or even a sign that indicates that ducks and geese cross the road there.  This they have done for hundreds of years. They stay true to their patterns and to established routes.
via Panoramio. Power Corridor in New Brunswick Canada
Many times animals, bear for instance,  use power corridors as they are open, not traveled by people and easy to navigate.  Most of the time, however, game trails are very narrow little paths.
Animals do not like to travel where human beings frequent if they can help it. They will always stick to places that provide them with cover and vegetation. They are loathe to cross roads or enter neighborhoods unless something is wrong or out of the ordinary.
If you have a problem with deer in your yard you can know that they have been coming there to eat since time began. 
You are the new kid on the block!

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