Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breezy Point & Race Obsession

This has my Irish up!

The New York Times with all the news that is fit to wrap your dead fish in says that Breezy Point, New York, destroyed by Sandy and populated with Americans of Irish descent is far too white.

Breezy Point NY via nbc news
Breezy Point hardly exists anymore it was so damaged. But leave it to some race obsessed writers like this to find some ugly made up problem to whine and slobber about.

The writer of the article a Whatsherface Nir says
"But complicating the current embrace from abroad is the gated community’s extreme insularity. Breezy Point is the whitest neighborhood in the city, a demographic makeup that critics say illustrates the enclave’s entrenched xenophobia, a dark flip side, perhaps, to all that ethnic pride."

You mean like the xenophobia and dark flip sides in perhaps a black or Hispanic  neighborhood ? How about Polish neighborhoods or Chinatown? How about Italians? What about Jewish neighborhoods? They all have neighborhoods where they 'enclave'. They can be insular.  What about those dark flip sides?
Or are you just so obsessed with race that you see things that do not exist?
I suspect that is the truth.

The kind of minds that write this stuff are the most and worst of the bigots because they can never see past color, race, religion or ethnicity. For them that is the whole of a person and people are labeled and stuck in slots according to color, etc. and are never to be let out.      They are obsessed with race and religion.

I am so sick of these slimey hate monger writers who race bait constantly, whether on purpose or through their own obsession with race and religion.

Read Sultan Knish's article about it here.  .And have a barf bag handy.

Oh and Nir,take care in taking on the Irish. Romans feared the Celts and for good reason. Caesar wet his pants when he saw the Celts coming at him.

Remember that.
Na Gaeil abĂș

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