Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Old Soviet Method : Destroy From Within

Cultural sensitivity for other cultures but having none for our own seems to be the order of the day.
Banging on tables yelling, 'Pilgrims were illegal aliens'  in order to destroy self esteem, unity and nationhood is one exercise being used to make everything but your own nation seem valuable and  more desirable.

 Yes, that is what tax dollars pay for, the dismemberment of   American culture and heritage while upholding anything foreign, divisive and cringe worthy.
This kind of anti-American rhetoric is typical  of  the old fashioned Communist tactics of  turning one group against another. It is the stuff of division and destruction. It is what creates hate and disunity which are the perfect foundation for destroying nations.  But I am not so sure it is old fashioned or rather out of fashion.

 These exercises in national self hatred are taught by Dr. Samuel Betances  'biracial, bicultural, and bilingual citizen of the world', who calls himself a former student of  old Chicago  Mayor Richard Daley.

Writer Ron Kessler, author of "The FBI: Inside the World's Most Powerful Law Enforcement Agency", stated that the FBI had Daley under surveillance for his alleged Communist connections.
As a matter of fact the FBI stated that when Daley first ran for mayor back in the Hoover days the Communist party of Illinois  "issued instructions to members that Daley must be elected for the Party to retain its strength in labor."
They knew which policies would help ease their way in bringing America down to size.
 Whatever the case, tax money is being used to help belittle, tear down and demonize the United States.

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