Did Russia ever help America? Yes indeed.
In 1963 at the request of Abraham Lincoln and Ambassador to Russia Cassius Marcellus Clay (yes Mohammed Ali was named for him), relative of Henry Clay, asked the Czar for help during the Civil War and got it in the form of two huge fleets of ships from Russia's Baltic and Pacific fleets.
In September of 1962 ships from the Baltic fleet entered New York Harbor with orders from the Czar to fight under the command of Abraham Lincoln should the need arrive. The implications to the British and the South were not lost.
Russia had the most modern war ships in the world with big guns produced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The British were intent on helping the south and create an empire in the west, and again in 1814 after the War of 1812, the Czar again told Britain (Russia was now in France staring down the British across the channel) that if the British continued on in invading America, Russia would declare war on them.
This is attested to by many records of the day though not commonly taught in schools. Oliver Wendell Holmes spoke of it, writing that America saw her true friends in the Civil War days when Britain was still the great enemy of the United States.
Cassius Clay wrote that he did more to end slavery in the United States than most and many great historians agree since it was he who went to the Czar for naval backing during the war. The US and Russia were allied against the British Imperialist threat.
When Confederate Raiding ships threatened to bomb San Francisco, the Mayor asked the admiral of the Russian Pacific fleet, anchored in San Francisco to defend the city. The admiral replied that his orders from the Czar were to do just that in the event of Confederate aggression. Czar Alexander II declared that he stood firmly with the Union and would do whatever it took to help Lincoln preserve it.

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