16 December, 2008

Does Low IQ Explain Bad Government?

An ad for an IQ test states that Barack Obama's IQ is 125 then asks if you can beat that.
Yes I can. Many can.

So let's consider this. Can low IQ explain the problem with leadership today?

Now people will say that IQ doesn't mean much. It is an opinion given for much the same reason that unattractive people say looks don't really matter. (Okay, I am just kidding around here.....)

Here are some of the known IQ's of some of our presidents:
Franklin Roosevelt:147(smart but he helped to hurt the economy and prolonged the depression!)
Harry Truman 132
Dwight Eisenhower 125
John F. Kennedy's IQ was 174.
Lyndon Johnson was estimated to be 126 but his street smarts were considerably higher
Richard Nixon was no one's fool at 155.
Gerald Ford weighed in at between 121 and 135, its unknown really.
Jimmy Carter should known better with an IQ of 175
Ronald Reagan was said to be 105 though there is no provable date on it.
William Clinton is 182
George Bush the younger has no record of an IQ score contrary to false reports that it was very low. His SAT test scores, however were 1260 which is not too shabby really and belies a low IQ.
His scores placed him, then, (at a time when the SAT's were considerably harder than the simplified tests of today) in the top 16% of the nations high school students.So they estimate that Mr. Bush's IQ is about 138.

Today the average IQ for high school grads is 105. College grads hover around the 115 mark and those with more advanced degrees seem to weigh in with an average of 125.

The cheap political ploy to call the President's IQ into question was quickly found to be false as the company that supposedly measured his IQ was fictitious as was the newspaper in which it was supposedly published. It was picked up by both domestic and foreign news with such headlines as "By George, he's the dimmest". Much was made of his having one of the lowest IQ's of any president. However it was simply a lie.

What all these numbers prove is that our President's were not bottom of the IQ barrel at all.
It also proves that IQ is not an indicator of morality, decency,cunning, honesty or good sense.Those are qualities anyone of any IQ can build into their character.
When we compare Ronald Reagan's 105 to Jimmy Carter's 174 we can see that IQ score does not equal moral integrity and patriotism or good sense.
Mr. Reagan scored out of the ball park on all of those good qualities while Jimmy strikes out and fouled quite a lot.

Some of the worlds most wicked people had higher IQs and some of those with lower IQ's were plain good people. The reverse, however,is also true. Character does not depend on IQ.

Being Smart: "It's a good thing " , as Martha Stewart might say but it doesn't replace good character and good solid sense when it comes to leadership.

Curious as to world IQ's?..

North America, Europe, Australia, Pacific Rim nations(Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan): average IQ 107
Russia, Eastern Europe,Chile, Argentina, Uraguay : average 100-102
Israel: average 94
South America, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria northern Africa, Saudi Arabia: average 85
Mid and Southern Africa , Caribbean, parts of Middle East average 50- 70

IQ scores for women are increasing, while scores for men are decreasing. (This is due to *Karmic retribution )

Protestants score higher than Catholics on school tests. Protestants average an IQ of 120 while Catholics range in the 102 area.

Koko the Gorilla has an IQ of 90 ( and makes a marvellous dinner companion by the way)

Czech and Norwegian boys score highest in the world in TIMSS physics tests.

Highest math scores on tests are for European(meaning of European ethnicity and includes America ,Canada and Australia and Jews) boys and next is the girls who also score high but not as high.

So IQ has not got much effect on whether or not you are a nice person or if you have good solid sense either but it might get you nice test scores for what it's worth..
*Journal of Karmic Thought and Recipes for all Occasions. by Marmaduke C. Throckmorton 3rd


  1. the entire system of education is in decline, and basic educational values have vanished away

  2. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Yes but kids can dance and that's way more important.

  3. Jeff the Cat said his IQ is off the charts...he just didn't say in which direction. :]

  4. My I.Q. post disability (Atypical MS) is 128... prior to that I tested about 135 (I have viral brain damage)

    How about Emotional Intelligence? EQ? I know plenty of bright people who have LOW EQ and I fear Obarfy is one of them!

    Good article Lemon!

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    The man in this twisted and incredibly odd story may well have an IQ.


    Racism, alive and well, and coming to a place near you.

  6. BS"D

    "Mid and Southern Africa , Caribbean, parts of Middle East average 50- 70"

    Average IQ of 50-70? That is mental retardation, plain and simple, and is probably the result of malnutrition.

    The average IQ in the Israeli Knesset is 31. Congress = 36.

    Moshe Aryeh Friedman of Neturei Karta Vienna has the lowest measurable IQ known to date. Four and one half. His condition is caused by medical malpractice, in which his colon was rerouted to his brain, and it is emptied orally. That is how he manages to spout such &&&p!

  7. FACTS

    In 2003, 3 African nations, Ghana, s. Africa, and Botswana participated in TIMSS physics. The average score for the 5,150 students in Botswana who took the test was 443, seven of whom scored over 505, and none of whom scored over 549. The average score for the 8,952 students in South Africa who took the test was 244, thirteen of whom scored over 447, and none of whom scored over 514. So also in Ghana, where the average score for their 5,100 students was 239, seven of whom scored over 427, and none of whom scored over 514.

    Conversely, the average score for the 6,018 students in Singapore was 579, eight of whom scored lower than 462, and none of whom scored lower than 423. At best we can say that eight students in Singapore MAY have scored lower than SEVERAL of the thirteen highest scoring students in South Africa and SEVERAL of the seven highest scoring students in Ghana. No student in Singapore scored 4 standard deviations higher than their mean, or 735, much less 5 standard deviations higher, at 774.

    So needless to say, no student in Botswana, South Africa, nor Ghana ever scored four standard deviations higher, or 549, 514, or 489, respectively, either, much less five standard deviations higher, or 593, 581, or 551 respectively. Such scores are in the range of the average for Taipei and Korea, whose IQs are in the range of 105 IQ points. It simply boggles the imagination for us to be expected to believe that Obama was the ONE Kenyan in the entire world who scored not just one but TWO standard deviations higher than a place where NO Ghanan, Botswanan, or South African has ever ventured. To claim that his IQ is 132 IQ points, yet another three standard deviations higher than the impossible, is the height of absurdity. It would make Obama more valuable as a Wringly Brothers’ Circus freak than a six legged elephant. Yet that’s exactly the claim that his presidential campaign made and you should be embarrassed to the hilt to see so many of your fellow countrymen fall for this circus act.

    The average IQ of Kenya is 71 IQ points, the same as for Ghana, and 1 point lower than both Botswana and South Africa, at 72 IQ points. Out of 38 million Kenyans, do you know how many score more than 5 standard deviations higher than that? Only 11 do, at an IQ of only 96 IQ points, four standard deviations higher than their mean, and NONE have an IQ higher than 101 IQ points, five standard deviations higher than the mean. Obama’s not even a Kenyan. He’s a mixed breed and most mixed breeds of most species are of lower quality and intelligence than the pure breeds (otherwise why don’t mules race in horse races)?

    California voters consider affirmative action to be CHEATING, which is why we outlawed it with Proposition 209 which actually amended the state constitution for the express purpose of KILLING it. Obama is clearly left over from those days.

    Why not simply require him to take the normal IQ test which any dog catcher in the country has to take in order to qualify for his job?

    You can bet that this would settle the matter once and for all.

    Correction, Tues. Dec. 23, 2008: 7% of the population of Botswana are Whites who score similar to their brethren back in England at 545, meaning that the 93% who’re blacks scored 358. Only seven black students from Botswana scored over 456 and none of them scored over 514. Therefore, none of the lowest scoring eight students in Singapore who scored lower than 462 are likely to have scored lower than the seven top scoring black students from Botswana, meaning there was no overlap of test scores between Singapore and Botswana.

  8. Obama was raised in his later teen years in America. He really is not Kenyan because even his father was only partially Kenyan.
    Obama is 50% Caucasian.

    I believe that environment also has a large part to play in child development and IQ and capacity to learn.

    Having just watched an interesting special about feral children, it showed that scientists learned that if a child is not given access to top notch language skills as a small child (before age 3) the brain does not develop normally and learning is impeded especially in regards to language.

    Language is one of the most important ways through which we learn. You can't answer questions that you don't understand.
    Hence I think environment plays a very big part in how people develop and learn and what they ultimately become.

    While race plays a part in who a person might be, environment and learning skills and opportunities play an even larger part.

    While the example of the mule is interesting, it is also conversely true that you cannot make a good work horse out of a race horse, they are simply too delicate and high strung.
    The mule is a great worker, sure footed and able to do many other things the race horse cannot do either.

    Mules are also 50%-50% and locked into their destiny by instinct and by virtue of not being human.
    God has given human beings advantages that animals never have.
    As the bible says, "fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" and it also states that the one who does his commands has a good understanding.

  9. Not long ago, I have thought about something like that, but I did not realize you are so deep, it seems that I need to continuously strengthen the learning!