18 March, 2011

Giant Cracks Appearing Around the World
Scientists Alarmed

Friday, a 2 nd Post

Is planet Earth about to change dramatically?

It seems that as life on earth takes a dramatic turn for the worse, the planet itself is undergoing dramatic changes of its own à la the times of Noah.
And unto Eber were born two sons; the name of the one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided;... 
Giant cracks are appearing in the earth more and more.
Is the earth yet again dividing?
From sinkholes to huge fissures, there is increased report of this around the globe.
Many are aware of the huge crack in Ethiopia that occurred without earthquake and seems to signal the birth of a new ocean.
Ethiopia  rift
But the Ethiopian crack is not the only very large crack in recent times.
Another has appeared in Peru near Lake Titicaca. It is over 100 meters wide in places and 15 Kilometers long.
Peru opening

Bolivia is seeing cracking appear.

 In Iceland  an entire lake is disappearing into a huge crack in the earth.

Claude, Texas, USA
These cracks are not always due to earthquakes.
Cracks in the earth are appearing even in the USA.
In Claude, Texas a rather large one appeared that is 50 feet deep and drained out a large pond.
Geologists said this crack is a joint in the earth that has weakened its hold. The earth is separating.


They are a sign that something very significant is going on inside the earth itself.
They are becoming , along with sinkholes, increasingly more common.

A rather curious crack appeared in Michigan in October 2010 just after  Barack Obama told Israel they had to stop building in Jerusalem.
This crack in the earth is over 600 ft long and 5 feet deep in places but it is now enlarging and getting bigger.
Heat is said to emanate from within it.
Michigan crack

Some areas around it   thrust up over  15 feet in a matter of seconds.
Trees have been pushed sideways.
People living nearby heard a boom and then found the rift.

Quebec just experienced a 4.7 surface earthquake that may have caused a fissure in the earth on March 16th , 2011, just a few days ago now.

 It occurs to me now that as a child on hikes with my father in the Watchung Mountains, we found small cracks in the forest in a few places, especially by Surprise Lake.


  1. we do seem to have major geological instability lately

  2. Signs of The Times: A lot of butts are running the world!

  3. Dramatic shifts? Yes.
    Ruinous? No!
    Why? See:

  4. I'd bet its because of oil drilling and mining. We suck up the lakes of underground oil and the pressure pushes it out, and nothing goes in so we're left with a huge underground hole

  5. Anonymous6:55 PM

    G-d is preparing the earth for the Redemption

    1. The earth will open up to swallow the wicked. Moral of the story - don't be evil!

  6. Um.. call me crazy but October 16, 2011 hasn't happened yet. R we predicting the future??

  7. Um... call me crazy but October 16, 2011 hasn't happened yet.

  8. lol Lex, could be! Thanks for catching that. The earthquake was March 16, 2011. I was living in the future. (Twilight Zone theme is playing in the background)

  9. Also in the antarctic:


  10. Anonymous12:20 PM

    jesus is coming soon ppl start to pry

  11. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Plate tectonics. Stop being such an uninformed alarmist.

  12. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I remember years ago when I was a child, my father, a marine engineer remarked that the millions of barrels of crude oil that was pumped out of the ground annually , would eventually lead to an increase and severity of seismic activity. He reasoned that the oil was both a coolant and lubricant for the tectonic plates as they shifted, and that the more oil was depleted, the more friction, heat, and pressure would be generated by the tectonic plates grinding against other plates. Seems like he had at least a good partial understanding of what is occurring. !Stingray!

    1. 110 percent agreement, the natural gas pockets work as an air hammer, oil is lubricating, under ground water also works as a seperator / coolant, the spin of the earth, is all a giant balancing act, if one thing is disturbed it might be able to compensate, but when 2, or more are messed with, plus the added weight of 8 billion humans, you will end up with total unpredictable caous, spinning wildly out of any type of control.