23 May, 2016

Bonfires and May Day: Pagan Rites

Re-run of past post with new additions.
bon•fire (ˈbɒnˌfaɪər)
a large fire built in the open air, for warmth, entertainment, or as a signal.
[1375–1425; late Middle English bone fire fire with bones(from sacrificial victim) for fuel

May Day, May Pole dances  and  the lighting of bonfires go back thousands of years.
The months of late April through early June were a time of celebration for the god Beltaine and his many incarnations throughout time.   Beltane or Beltaine is known by other names such as Kronos, Saturn, Milcom , Moloch and Baal Hammon.
In Rome it was the festival time of the goddess Flora and people decked out their religious sites with greenery to honor her.
The ashes of the bonfires were smeared on faces and foreheads.
The religions these so-called gods spring from are the source of  the tradition of passing things through fire, jumping over fires , lighting bonfires for communal celebrations and holidays and the sacrifice of children.
But it is not only the religion of the ancients who have incorporated bonfires into their observances despite the clear warning not to do such things. These abominations continue even today in all religions on earth.

Have you heard the child's rhyme, "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack jump over the candlestick!"  It is a reference to this pagan rite of passing things through fire for purification.  Even today people light bonfires and leap over flames, back and forth as if it were a game.  But it's ugly origins were no game and upholding traditions rooted in false religion is wrong.
"Fire, fire burning bright, in the forests of the night".. these were the grove fires of ancient times.

In ancient times houses and temples were decked with greenery and white flowers in honor of Moloch/Beltane/Flora.     Dairy foods and eggs was considered a good way to honor these gods and custards of cheese, eggs and milk were the foods of choice for holidays in the spring season.     All this   glossed over the murder of children and other dark insidious traditions by lending a festive air to the days.

On  Eadar dà theine Bhealltainn,the Gaelic incarnation of this 'holiday', cattle and other animals as well as
people were passed between two large bonfires to purify them. Cattle were purified because Moloch had the head of a calf. The passing between two bonfires was a substitute however for the original sacrifice of children and babies to the disgusting  moloch.   In those ancient times children were burnt alive to this abomination.
Toddlers were 'given the tonsure' or given their first  hair cuts before being passed through the fire. 
Bonfires are lit to scare away demons as well. Weddings and celebrations were banned because of the silly belief that demonic creatures walked the earth during  the holiday.

Later when the pagan origins became an embarrassment to people who now had newer religions, they simply lit bonfires in the spring to celebrate various religious and secular holidays, like May Day for instance or many so-called religiously inspired holidays.  
 Whatever their guise today, they are just as much abominations as they ever were.

Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise. Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods. What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.  Deut 12:30

Bonfires are totally  pagan in origin and have no other source in history.
   Why would anyone partake of these traditions knowing this?     Yet, over the years these pagan traditions have insinuated themselves into religious observances as well as secular holidays.   But even with the gloss of religion added they are still an abomination.

May Day became particularly popular with Communist nations. It never took off in the United States but in recent times the far left use the day   for demonstrations against the United States.
Communists have long used the day to spread dissatisfaction and discontent. Many today have not experienced the methods used by Communist infiltrators in the 50's and 60's to disrupt American life, but many seemingly innocent things hold ugly  meanings and origins.

On May day, the high point of the worship of these gods, the people danced around a pole, a phallic symbol.    The dancing around the pole with ribbons was part of the ancient fertility ceremonies of Babylon.
None of these traditions stayed in Babylon, however. They eventually found their way into many religions and holidays of today.

Kupala a night of nakedness, fire dancing and jumping

Most know that bonfires have absolutely no connection with any decent observance at all but many don't care and find excuses why it is alright for them or their religion.

As it grows dark bonfires are lit to celebrate beliefs that are millenia old and associated with the darkest and most vile aspects of human religious culture.

Cover these practices with any excuse you want, their  real  origin  remains a stench and a stain that is not easily wiped away.


  1. one cult of human sacrifice neatly blends into another

    speaking of OWS is ramping up for May Day

  2. What about bonfires on lag b'omer. What was its origin and meaning.
    Thanks for your response.

    1. If G-d didn't say to do it then I believe it's better not to because it does have pagan origins.

  3. Chaim Tzvi6:41 PM

    Spent a lot of time researching this comparing what I learnt in Torah. I now have to agree its wrong

  4. Dear LemonLimeMoon,
    I am trying to trace the owner of the stunning bonfire piccie to ask permission to use it in my book trailer. If this is you, can you check out the book trailer video on my blog http://hengistpeoplehorse.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/archer-book-trailer.html and let me know if I can use it?
    P.S. This is just an initial attempt at the video – if you are happy for me to use this picture, my son’s friend Anthony (who created the amazing book cover artwork) will work his magic on my amateurish designs to make the whole thing slicker and more professional.

    1. Nice trailer Jacky!
      I am not the owner of the bonfire picture which I found online and without any attributions.
      You might like to check with these people who also use this photo for their input: http://www.dorsetcereals.com/2010/11/page/4/
      Best of luck with it all.

  5. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Halloween Fact #4

    During Pre-Halloween celebrations of Samhain, bonfires were lit to ensure the sun would return after the long hard winter. Often druid priests would throw bones of cattle into the flames...Hence bone fire became bonfire...

  6. Isn't it possible that bonfires in Israel for Lag b'Omer may have come from the practice of using a series of bonfires to information the public of Rosh Hodesh.? Sure, that turned out to be a failure, but Tzfat, within view of Meron, was one of the bonfire stations, thus the name Tzfat from tzofeh (view), just like Har HaTzofim the Jerusalem bonfire signala point.

    Of course, I don't believe that Lag b'Omer is a real holiday, and I certainly do support the dancing around of bonfires. It seems like it things can get distorted,

    1. Anything is possible of course, but when things are so close to pagan practice, I feel like I should not observe them.

    2. I certainly agree with you here.

  7. What a comprehensive post. Thank you so much. I even see in the above our custom of eating dairy on the spring holiday of Shavuos. Maybe the adoption of some of these observances by Jews was to cleanse them and infuse them with holiness? Similar to what they do in music of non-Jews by turning it into Jewish melodies (I.e. Carlebach)? Of course we know Shavuos is the barley festival and in commemoration of the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai.

  8. "If one bear hallowed flesh in the skirt of his garment, and with his skirt do touch bread, or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any food, shall it be holy?' And the priests answered and said: 'No.'
    Then said Haggai: 'If one that is unclean by a dead body touch any of these, shall it be unclean?' And the priests answered and said: 'It shall be unclean.' (haggai)
    and also:
    You shall not follow the practices of the nation that I am sending away from before you, for they committed all these [sins], and I was disgusted with them.(vayikra)

  9. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I been waiting a long bit for someone to say this truth. Now I see it here and am happy that what I always suspect was right.
    Good for you

  10. Anonymous9:35 AM

    To the Anon that wrote 'Lag B'Omer is pagan'; could not believe that you even posted it on your blog. It's a chilul H' for that person to have written such a lie.
    Also, it should be made clear that we eat dairy on Shavuot (this goes back to when we received the Torah @ Sinai). The Jews were not yet aware of the laws of kashrut and, thus, ate only dairy. There are other reasons also, and suggest to go to Aish HaTorah or Chabad and get the answers.
    Also, all customs that have some similarity and connection, c'v, to avodah zorahs should cease! We have to understand that the nations of the world took much of their customs and versions of their history from the Jews. The Canaanites and others were always pagans and only because of our Torah, civilization came to the world. Of course, they distorted most everything. When Moshiach comes, the nations will live by the 7 Laws of Noach and know that there's only H'.

    1. comments go up automatically and lately I have not spent much time on this blog.
      I doubt the comment was posted by a Jew.
      Thank you for pointing it out and it has been deleted.

  11. Since there are fools who worship the sun you want to deny moral people to benefit from it? Same here..

  12. So it would be olright to participate with christmas and Halloween too then because we dont want to deny moral people benefit from them.

  13. The days you mention are assur to celebrate but making a bon fire is completely mutar to make, therefore there is no comparison what so ever.