Russia Establishes No Fly Zone

The title comes from the real story here but I couldn't resist using this photo this way.

Shana Tova Everyone

 שנה טובה
May the coming year be the finest yet.

Earth: Two Views

This month Lemon Lime Moon is 11 years old.

"And God made the firmament and it separated between the water that was below the firmament and the water that was above the firmament, and it was so."

Auguste Piccard

Auguste Piccard, the namesake of Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek fame, flew into the stratosphere 10 miles high in 1931.
He described breaking through limits above earth and looking back to see earth.

"In the first half hour the balloon shot upward nine miles.
Through portholes, the observers saw the earth through a copper-colored, then bluish , haze. It seemed a flat disk with upturned edge. At the ten miles level the sky appeared a dark blue."
In 1960 his son  Jacques became the first man to descend to the deepest point of the oceans.

The Stunning Statement by NASA

In the NASA film engineer Kelly Smith stated that they do not know how they will get a man through the Van Allen belts.
graphic of Van Allen belt from NASA
“We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space," Smith said.
If they got them through before with moon landings one has to wonder what this is all about.
In other words, did they ever get men through it?
 Orion will not be a manned flight since the radiation involved with passing through the Van Allen belt is simply lethal to human beings.
This is an absolutely stunning admission.
Apollo missions went through the Van Allen belt didn't they?
So one has to wonder.
Am I saying the moon missions were fraudulent? No, because I just really don't know enough.  I am simply presenting something I find very interesting and worth thinking about.
Listen to the video again and pay attention to what Smith says about the Van Allen radiation.