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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family Unfriendly

display of 3 micro apartments

The push is on for smaller and smaller homes for everyone.
This isn't a trend that came and went but a trend that is growing in popularity and it includes having less or no children at all.

In the land of the free and home of the brave, where there are multiple millions of uninhabited acreage, people are being encouraged to live in extremely small homes that are made to house no more than one or two people.
It goes right along with the trend of giving up on marriage or marrying very late and having fewer and fewer children .

There are so many articles about  apartments in New York City and Japan that are more like large closets than homes for families.
 Many of these articles extol the benefits and 'charm'  of living a Spartan life style.
These miniscule homes and apartments are extremely unfriendly for children, the elderly and the handicapped, all of whom need room to get around.  No wheelchairs in these places.

The idea of saving the environment and using less land, lowering populations is being pushed universally.
But the truth of the matter is that even in China with its large population there is more than enough uninhabited land to house people and technology could reclaim wastelands.
Frankly there is more land on earth unoccupied than occupied.  There is more than enough to house a far greater population than the world now has.  But saving the rain forests far outweighs saving people in the eyes of a certain element.

Move to the city, live in a closet 

While family farms are being pushed out by mega businesses,people are being discouraged from moving beyond the confines of cities. In fact they are encouraged to move into cities and settle for living the single life in a micro box.
 As this article says some of these homes are barely larger than a maximum security prison cell and goes on to state that they are so tiny that they make a double wide mobile home seem like San Simeon home of the Hearst family castle.

The destruction of the family has been going on for a long time now and it is reflected even in trends of housing, transportation and jobs.
Americans are working harder, longer hours and have less to show for it.
Look around and you will notice all the programs and trends that fly in the face of family, children and marriage.

It also occurs to me that fellowship is breaking down as well.
People dwell solitary lives wrapped up in their technology like computers and phones.
Such tiny homes do not allow for gatherings.  The homes are too small for the people in them let alone for guests.
Entertaining guests and showing hospitality are primary necessities of life in a civilized society.
Look at Sodom and Gomorrah where hospitality and friendliness was hated. Visitors were prey.

 It also does not seem that such tiny homes would provide much security for those inside either.
Can you see where society is headed?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Warm Blob" Killing Fish

Salmon numbers are down to an all time low in the US and scientists believe that a warm spot in the ocean , called the 'warm blob' might be the reason.  Water there is running 3 °C
photo of Chinook salmon  via
warmer than usual in what scientists are calling an 'alarming decrease' and 'troubling news'.

Salmon fisherman cannot recall a time when salmon were in such short supply in US waters.
 Scientists are unsure what is causing the blob but suspect it will remain in the area for another year or so. They do not attribute the warmth to so-called global warming at all.
 Fishermen are also concerned about a return of El Nino  which could further warm the waters and change the face of fishing.
El Nino, the child, is defined as 'an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial Pacific region and beyond every few years, characterized by the appearance of unusually warm, nutrient-poor water off northern Peru and Ecuador, typically in late December." according to Wikipedia.

US government sources, however, admit that Fukushima has impacted the US  with results seen in the food chain and especially in populations of seals  with radiation burns and sickness all along the west coast.  The polar bear, whale, sea star and walrus populations are also being badly effected with unusual health problems.

We are seeing a dramatic increase in health problems since the Fukushima melt down.
Record lows for Chinook or King salmon and pink salmon have been reported since at least 2011 and is worsening since the plume of radioactivity reached the US West Coast and Alaska.
 NOAA scientists were queried as to the reason for diminishing fish catches since the incident at Fukushima but  have refused to comment.

According to the  Juneau Empire,
"When asked about the potential impact Fukushima may be having on king salmon stocks in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the state, Orsi  would not comment. “I’ve been told to refer you to the (Environmental Protection Agency),” he said, “Because I’m not an expert on the topic.” Calls and emails to the EPA were not returned in time and digging on the federal agency’s site revealed no current information on radiation from the Fukushima disaster. The last posted monitoring results occurred in June of 2011."
 Joe Orsi is a fisheries research scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Since the article appeared the situation has only gotten worse.
 In California's Salmon River salmon are dying because the river water temperatures have soared and the water is too warm for the chilly temps loving fish.