Wednesday, April 9, 2014

School Lunches, Cable and Windows

Public school lunches are typically reheated  junk with no taste at all.
Salads, veggies and fruits are miniscule.
For growing kids who play sports and work hard all day the lunches are not good enough.
This hamburger looks like it was stepped on before it was served.
What might be cheese under the burger looks pre-digested at best.
I question the sanity of low fat milk for a growing child.
Kids are resourceful, however and I hear a growing black market in chocolate milk is growing!
Right on kids!

Remember goofy Ronald Reagan insisting that ketchup was enough of a veggie for kids?
How about stingy, snobby elitist Margaret Thatcher taking away milk from the children?
Enter the next wave of snobbish elites, the Obama's who have decided that grazing on the White House lawn is probably good nutrition for growing kids.
We have a whole gaggle of politicians who think they are better than everyone else and know best how to feed your kids.

Japanese lunch to observe Pearl Harbor Day? 
The lunches provided by high brow private schools like the Sidwell Friend's School ,which the Obama children attend, are decidedly more upscale, healthier and robust.
This meal at Sidwell   was served on Pearl Harbor Day  and is more than a little questionable and inappropriate, though far more substantial than the so-called hamburger in public school.
 Why in the world would anyone serve the cuisine of the very nation who attacked them as a 'treat' to memorialize the day?
Stupid, insensitive, wrong.
American politicians consider that they are above the serfs and mostly send their children to expensive, elite private schools so they do not mix with the common rabble.
Their children eat top notch food while the droppings are thrown under the table to the common man.

Some might say the public school kids should be grateful for whatever they get, but then some people are self righteous .
The truth is that in a nation which abounds in healthy food there is no excuse for skimpy meals made from third rate materials.


In other news, Comcast Cable continues to limp along like AOL dial  up and of course, calls about the spotty and near continuous interruption of service and slowness of it all are met with dull silence and mutterings of  "ummm, I don't know".
Windows 8 and 8.1 work like dial up as well. Slow,cumbersome and do not work well with Adobe or Java. And forget about streaming anything or working in Blogger. Nearly impossible anymore.
Upgrades. Yeah right.

But then everything in America is going south isn't it?
Less choice at the market? Substandard advertised as something great.
Dirty mega stores with empty shelves and barely any employees.
Everything imported from China.
It is getting sadder every day.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Salem Witch Hysteria Alive in USA

The same spirit of hysteria that energized the Salem witch trials and subsequent murders of innocents is alive and well and re-emerging.

The question must be asked, who really needs evaluation?