Thursday, May 21, 2015

Freedom of Conscience?
Let Them Eat Cake

Finola Meredith of the Belfast edition of The Telegraph has some very astute
observations about a recent court decision that forces a UK baker to make cakes for gay weddings.
 Some decisions can turn around and bite you hard when you least expect it.

"Butchers and candlestick-makers, regardless of their religious opinions, will also be forced to comply, or face prosecution, or give up their businesses entirely.

By the same legislative logic, a Muslim printer could be compelled to produce Hebdo-style cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed. The lesbian owner of a clothing company could be forced to make T-shirts saying gay people will burn in Hell."
You can read the entire article here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Toxic is the World?

Just how toxic is the world becoming?

The bad news:
There is a 6000% increase in thyroid cancers among children in Japan as well as a 600% rise in neurological disease, heart and brain infarctions in Japan and around Chernobyl. All of this directly linked to radiation from nuclear power.
Levels of radioactive iodine and cesium in Japan are millions of times higher than the limits.
Then there is the desertification of the Pacific Ocean in the northwest where billions of sea creatures are dying off.  You can include whales and sea lion to the ever growing list.
"Plans are foiled for lack of counsel, but they are established through many advisers."
There is deliberate pumping of plutonium waste into the water near public beaches of Normandy, France where people come to walk and play.
Dumping in the sea was made illegal in 1993 but this does not stop the industry from doing it in spades!
The English channel has barrels of nuke waste sitting there.
You can bet that these are not isolated situations.

The radioactivity levels around Fukushima itself are at least 50,000,000 times higher than normal.

Old antiquated plants (most built from 1950's designs) are still in use, no progress is made on making them safer or shutting them down. No progress on learning how to handle the radioactivity left over and that may well be because there is no way to handle it.

Worse, Japan does not trust foreign help and is still covering up the extent of the disaster internationally and with its own people thereby cutting themselves off from more help.
 Mishlei(Proverbs) teaches that,
"Plans are foiled for lack of counsel, but they are established through many advisers."
The good news:
 Prayer can be powerful in bringing about change.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Media Mess

Breitbart gives you 48 Reasons to Distrust & Despise The Media.

Actually, there are hundreds of reasons to never trust them and to be very slow to believe much of what you read.
News stories are often invented, made up or spun in specific directions. .

Many of the biggest stories may have never happened the way the media portrayed them or happened at all in any real way.
Truthful news is rare on both sides , conservative and liberal.
We have all seen the media put out facts about various happenings that turn out to be 100 percent wrong or 100 percent made up.
Photos are extensively Photoshopped to present "proof" of things that never happened or happened in quite a different way than presented.
Innuendo and gossip are what passes for news today.
People also tend to believe what backs up their own opinion and views as well even though they know the media lies and distorts.

If you have not seen the article you might want to look at it and make your own decision as to which spin is the right spin.
It gives you some things to think about anyway.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unleashing the Monster

So much beauty lost because of arrogance.
We need to know how to use things and keep them safe before we unleash them as cure alls and miracle methods of energy or medicine.

Once you unleash a monster what will be the outcome if you don't know how to restrain it again?
Humanity simply asks for responsibility and careful consideration before doors with unknown consequences are opened. We ask that the powers that be make sure they can control the things they label as good for us.

Futaba Rose Garden
Before the disaster at Fukushima, the little town of Futaba had a beautiful
rose garden that held 8000 rose plants and thousands upon thousands of flowers. All of them hand planted by Mr. Katsuhide Okada.
But Futaba is no longer habitable because of radiation. The roses are no longer.

Futaba via

Today, Futaba is left on its own to die slowly.

Japan is now witness to deformed birds, fish and animals and children with cancers.
Many bird species have died out.
Some are now silent.
Butterflies are born abnormal.
They are the tip of the iceberg.
Remember that radiation has reached the western coast of the United States and  marine life is already suffering greatly.

"We have studied biodiversity at Chornobyl since 2000 and Fukushima since 2011. Most organisms that we have examined showed significantly increased rates of genetic damage in direct proportion to the level of exposure… Many organisms showed increased rates of deformities, developmental abnormalities, eye cataracts, and even tumors and cancers."
 Quote from Tim Mousseau Professor of biological sciences, U of South Carlina.
Read his paper here.
The Smithsonian also reports grave abnormalities.
The Journal of Heredity pdf report is here.