Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Warm Blob" Killing Fish

Salmon numbers are down to an all time low in the US and scientists believe that a warm spot in the ocean , called the 'warm blob' might be the reason.  Water there is running 3 °C
photo of Chinook salmon  via
warmer than usual in what scientists are calling an 'alarming decrease' and 'troubling news'.

Salmon fisherman cannot recall a time when salmon were in such short supply in US waters.
 Scientists are unsure what is causing the blob but suspect it will remain in the area for another year or so. They do not attribute the warmth to so-called global warming at all.
 Fishermen are also concerned about a return of El Nino  which could further warm the waters and change the face of fishing.
El Nino, the child, is defined as 'an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial Pacific region and beyond every few years, characterized by the appearance of unusually warm, nutrient-poor water off northern Peru and Ecuador, typically in late December." according to Wikipedia.

US government sources, however, admit that Fukushima has impacted the US  with results seen in the food chain and especially in populations of seals  with radiation burns and sickness all along the west coast.  The polar bear, whale, sea star and walrus populations are also being badly effected with unusual health problems.

We are seeing a dramatic increase in health problems since the Fukushima melt down.
Record lows for Chinook or King salmon and pink salmon have been reported since at least 2011 and is worsening since the plume of radioactivity reached the US West Coast and Alaska.
 NOAA scientists were queried as to the reason for diminishing fish catches since the incident at Fukushima but  have refused to comment.

According to the  Juneau Empire,
"When asked about the potential impact Fukushima may be having on king salmon stocks in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the state, Orsi  would not comment. “I’ve been told to refer you to the (Environmental Protection Agency),” he said, “Because I’m not an expert on the topic.” Calls and emails to the EPA were not returned in time and digging on the federal agency’s site revealed no current information on radiation from the Fukushima disaster. The last posted monitoring results occurred in June of 2011."
 Joe Orsi is a fisheries research scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Since the article appeared the situation has only gotten worse.
 In California's Salmon River salmon are dying because the river water temperatures have soared and the water is too warm for the chilly temps loving fish.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Weird News Stories

I don't believe a lot of the news anymore.
I certainly don't believe news on blogs because, well, it isn't news.
 Blogs are stories and  biased opinion that have little to do with journalism.

In journalism you tell the story in one or two opening sentences, a short paragraph.
People have short attention spans. They aren't willing to wade through paragraphs of talk.
 Blogs are what newspapers used to call think pieces.
Journalism is just the news reported quickly and with as many verifiable facts as possible.
 But what passes for news today seems more like blogging and about  stirring up emotion or generating propaganda than reporting  fact.
Newspapers and TV/radio news should report facts and let you make up your own mind.

One story I find weird is about  a woman who, disoriented from being pushed from behind and  in high heeled sandals no less,  ran down two 13 year old boys and captured one of them just in time for a passing photojournalist to memorialize the whole scene!  

  She then posed with the boy for photos and stood close by while cops arrested him.
What decent news source posts photos of juvenile offenders?
Grand larceny as the charge?   That is one expensive phone unless they  lowered the dollar amount for grand larceny.
“I was all disoriented.My headphones almost came off." the New York Post reported her as saying.
Oh the humanity!

Well, everyone else believes it so who am I to question it all?
Still, this story seems to fall into the alien vampire baby category.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pavlov's Dogs and the News

The average person's reaction to the credit card knife story might be one of shock and the question that might arise in their mind is 'why are people carrying knives?'
The association of these little gizmos with the TSA, which is associated with 'terror' is obvious: if you carry a pocket knife you are a terrorist.
 The idea is to make people associate certain things with terror. Pavlov's dogs were trained to salivate every time a bell went off in anticipation of food.
The media can be used to train people to react in certain ways to words and ideas.
You just need to keep associating an object with negative feelings and situations and then people will begin to automatically react in a negative way.  So, your first reaction to such a story might be one of concern.
The news media is a good method for mass training because the news is manufactured official stories that are brought to you with certain attitudes will effect how you see things.

It is important to always notice how a news story makes you feel and then ask yourself why it makes you feel that way.

Here is just one little example of how the media preaches the same thing over and over on every channel from scripts provided to them. You Tube is full of examples like this.
Note the smiles and the 'don't worry, be happy' attitude on the part of the news readers.