Friday, July 24, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Arizona Wall Too High to Safely Jump?

It may be time to begin awarding the Silver Horses Tail award  once again.

How to safely pole vault
The fence at the US/Mexican border is too high for illegal immigrants to safely jump.
Oh the humanity!
Is no one teaching them to pole vault?
It is almost as bad as making locks that burglars can't safely break!
There oughta be a law.

You can't make this stuff up boys and girls.
It is insane out there and getting loonier all the time.

This merits the much coveted  Lemon Lime Moon Silver Horse's Tail Award which I have not awarded in quite a long time.
Since 2001 millions have sought to add their name to the list of recipients.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sovereignty and Greece

...The borrower
 is slave

The EU is simply old creepy Adolph's dream come true.
Greece needs to get out of the EU and hang in there as tough as that will be.
But when you make a mistake righting it can hurt a lot.
Sovereignty is the only way for nations. For proof of that check out the story of Nimrod. Nations must be separate and sovereign to succeed.
Germany, which really runs the EU, is out to financially gobble up  what they could not get militarily.
And certainly banks do not exist to help you or nations make money but to make money for themselves. Borrowing to stay afloat can be the beginning of the end for nations and individuals.
The borrower is slave to the lender after all.
Greece must take the reigns of her own destiny because a global economy is a rotten thing. It is Nimrod all over again.  It will not end well for anyone.
Sadly the world will most likely cave on this one because in the end no one believes what their Creator says. They believe in Him, they just don't believe what he says and there is a big difference.
People second guess it all and fail to follow through with instructions because they fear it will not work.
The USA is being globalized faster and faster.  It will end in disaster.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

Dinosaurs prove the earth is young!  No sorry this is NOT a pro-evolution post, it is the opposite.

The problem with beginning with a theory(like evolution) is that you tend to try to make square pegs fit into round holes.
If something doesn't fit your preconception you discard it even if all the observations tell you that you are on the wrong track.
In archaeology and anthropology if things don't fit the theory they go into the box in the basement never to see the light of day and if you persist in telling your simple, irrefutable observations you find yourself on the unemployment line. It has happened again and again.
You have to stick with the party line or you are persona non grata.