21 July, 2011

Earth Changes: More Sinkholes

They heard a loud BOOM and then found the circular hole 32 inches wide and 40 feet deep underneath the bed of  Inocenta Hernandez  near Guatemala City.
Notice the perfectly round holes that have opened up in Guatemala
They say sink holes are a natural occurrence
in Guatemala.  But why are they so perfectly round?
Note the hole at left is round on the floor too.
How does that happen? It is as if someone took a cookie cutter and cut the hole out.

 In 2010 sinkholes began appearing more regularly and more dramatically.
China saw  giant sinkholes forming in record numbers in 2010.
Sinkholes around the Dead Sea have been on the increase in recent years as well HERE
Even places like Florida and Ohio  are seeing increases in sinkhole formation lately.

Ideas about the  cause ranges from oil drilling to water damage to HAARP.

Whatever it is, they are increasing all over the world.

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  1. is that a sinkhole in the floor?

  2. Yes. Right through a black and white tiled floor, that is what is so odd to me.

  3. Anonymous12:05 AM

    It looks fake to me...man made.

  4. Yes, the sinkholes are perfectly round!!
    To the right of each one, simply write "bama".

    For just one (of many) thing(s), the debt ceiling can never be lifted high enough. Therefore drilling has commenced. SomeOne is trying to tell us something about this man's impact on the world, as a (w)hole.

  5. that's just some stupid kid thinking he can dig his way to China. I say fill it in before the little dumb bastard comes back.