08 September, 2010

And There is Still a Hole in the Ground

"I will break the pride of your power......your strength will be spent in vain".. leviticus

Here is the final resting place of the victims of 9 11 madness, the Fresh Kills land fill.
This is what those who "cleaned"up the site thought of the blood and bodies of the murdered.
This is the work of those who care more about the feelings of the murderers and their nations. Look how much they care about the innocent .

This is the work of people who care if you burn a mohammedan book or if you use un-PC terms in conversation. They are terribly PC in all ways toward murderers but this is what they think of their victims: so much garbage.

It is almost September 11, and this year will see the 9th anniversary of the destruction and almost complete dustification of the Twin Towers and other buildings at ground zero.
In those nine years the victims' remains have been scooped up and deposited unceremoniously at a garbage dump on Staten Island. What little remaining steel there was got quickly shipped off to China before it could be examined, and a big hole in the ground is all that is left.

That big hole in the ground is all that is left to gape at the sky in shocked surprise because nothing else has been built there. And, in all likelihood, nothing of value or decency will be built there because the times we are in seem to be devoid of strength of character.

The place is a huge crater without a decent memorial in sight, without a building, nothing. It is a memorial to victim hood. It is like a rape victim who can never clean themselves up and move on.
There has been little progress other than cleanup that cost the lives of many because of the hazards of working there.
And a bill to provide extra health help for ground zero workers was thrown away like the remains of the victims too. Even they got no respect.

Osama bin Laden remains at large (maybe), no one really knowing what he did or if he did or where he is but America made war with Iraq and is doing something in Afghanistan and bombing with drones in Pakistan which may or may not have something to do with Bin Laden.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, which spawned the 9 11 fly boys rides off into the sunset and is considered a good pal of the US.
Ask George Bush who was seen kissing the Saudi guy during his presidency. Talk about being undignified and wimpy. Here is the worst form of bowing down to foreign cultures that are vastly inferior to your own.

Ask Obama why he bows low before them . (Still not as horrendous as Bush kissing that man). No leader of a powerful nation should ever *kowtow to the cultural traditions of a foreign nation.

America has sunk millions and millions of dollars into useless buildings and prisons in Iraq while the US itself sinks further into debt. Obama takes credit for leaving Iraq, which isn't true at all, and enlarges the war in Afghanistan. No one seems to mind that we have been at war for a decade with little results.
Little results have become an American standard.
No one really protests the endless wars except in election years when candidates have to try and look as if they actually stand for something other than milk toast. But each administration really just continues the policies of the one before in many areas.

We have presidents who themselves are 'little results', little men. Itty bitty, wimpy, limp wristed men who pose and preen and flounce around the world stage but do little else.
We have an economy that gives little return because business is shipped off overseas, and the symbolic hole in ground zero has little results in making it whole again.

It has become a symbol of the priorities that are all so wrong. It points out impotence and limp wristed reactions. It is weak and poor and pitiful. How can America get strong and restore itself economically and internationally if it cannot even repair a hole in the ground.
It is a sign and a parable about the state of things today.

The victims of the inhuman criminals who murdered them without remorse, without thought, without conscience, without souls, deserve far better than this.
They just really do.

n : a former Chinese custom of touching the ground with the
forehead as a sign of respect or submission [syn: kotow]
v 1: bend the knees and bow in a servile manner [syn: scrape, genuflect]
2: try to gain favor by cringing or flattering; "He is always
kowtowing to his boss" [syn: fawn, toady, truckle, bootlick,
kotow, suck up]

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