26 October, 2011

Birds Falling From Sky Again

Thousands of birds have died and fallen to the ground in Arkansas, and now in Italy.
In Arkansas they are mainly blackbirds but in Italy they are tutledoves and were seen to have an unusual blue stain on their beaks as they lay dying and dead. Also in Italy they hang from trees like ornaments as one person described it.   So very sad.
These new October deaths are in addition to the thousands that died earlier this year in the USA and other nations. They included multiple thousands of fish, crabs, etc.
Arkansas, Louisiana and Sweden witnessed the death of multiple thousands more in January of this year.
Something is not right and the explanations by the experts are sorely lacking and empty as they themselves have no idea what is going on. Or, if they do, they are not saying. However, if you consider the increase in major sized earthquakes, volcano eruptions, strange ongoing noises in the earth and in the sky, increases in tornadic activity, hurricanes, etc and the seemingly unexplained death of millions of birds and sea creatures, they are probably all related.

for indigestion
While the world wants answers the experts seem clueless and issue nonsense answers. The latest stupid answer from Italy is "indigestion".

According to ornithologist Greg Butcher, director of bird conservation for the National Audubon Society in Washington, D.C.,  there are "at least ten billion birds in North America ... and there could be as much as 20 billion—and almost half die each year due to natural causes."

While that is interesting it does not address mass numbers of birds falling from the sky. Those that fell to earth in January died of  "blunt force trauma". How do birds in the air suffer blunt force trauma? That means being hit hard by an object, or force.
If it had been a plane the trauma would have been outwardly apparent to the naked eye.Experts attribute it to loud noise and crashes.
I have posted here about noises in the sky. Some of them loud repeated boomings. Others like the blast of trumpets in the sky.
But how about crashes? Interesting but then why would thousands upon thousands of birds simply crash? Again scientists say it was fireworks that confused the birds and sent them crashing to earth.
But what if the birds own internal guidance system were topsy turvy or turned off somehow? What if their directional instinct was way off base causing them to fly into the ground? That would be one answer and again that is spoken of in the video posted below on Apocalypse 2012 which addresses the shifting of magnetic poles and the effect on that of strong ejections from the sun.
Loud noise can be detrimental to health. If you have been to a very loud concert you may have felt the vibrations in your chest! It can be awful.
And what of the blue stain on the beaks? Could a gas or poison be the cause? We have no answers as yet.
Whatever the reason, it is not normal as authorities suggest. We have fireworks going off all year and all places and birds don't fall down dead in multiple worldwide locations all at once.

It is another sign of the times , the changing and dangerous times, we are living in.

For more information read Scalar Weapons and Dead Birds


  1. the sad story is offset by the cute bird picture

  2. This and the audio sounds of the earth. We need to wake up and daven.....and..is it 2012 yet?