12 January, 2011

BP Simply Hid the Body

They "simply hid the body" said Ian McDonald, Florida State University  oceanographer.
It may appear to many that the BP oil catastrophy in the Gulf of Mexico is over. But it is just a case of out of sight, out of mind and perhaps, just perhaps that is what was hoped for. But the people of the Gulf are still living with the awful results. It has not gone away at all.
Instead of a thorough clean up, dispersant was used to sink the oil to the bottom of the Gulf and, of course , as it would move,   eventually to other places.  The dispersant was an unprecedented amount and of a kind banned long ago in the UK because of its toxic effect.
Corexit is toxic and not as effective as some especially on the Lousiana crude on which it was used.
Even the EPA admits that Corexit 9500, and  EC9527A are toxic. Corexit was used in the case of the Exxon Valdez and resulted later in human illness including kidney,liver,nervous system, reproductive disorders and cancers.The link between Corexit and these illnesses after Exxon Valdez was confirmed.You can find information on Corexit and disease here, here.
Though these are a small sample of the sites showing correlation of Corexit and disease. There were reports of powdered corexit "sand" on the surface of the ocean along with huge plumes of corexit-oil beneath the surface.  These plumes are still being seen.

How did the  US government allow BP to pour all that dispersant into the Gulf of Mexico knowing that the UK itself had long ago banned that dispersant as too toxic for use?  It was shown in the UK to be harmful to sea life. Yet it was the quick way to "clean" up the oil, without cleaning it up at all. And, with large lawsuits headed their way, that was a prime focus.
Leading marine biologist Dr. Riki Ott said   “This is like treating cancer with something you don’t know is going to work or not, or you don’t know whether the cure is worse than the harm. You don’t know anything.”
BP disputed the claims that the chemical was too toxic , but money talks and when a company's money is on the line they may well jump quickly to clear up a problem. And the British tests on Corexit proved it was just too toxic for use.
Independent chemists testing the Gulf found that the corexit/oil mix was creating new toxic chemicals "some with double bonds".

Now, cleanup workers are becoming ill. Very ill. You can see the photos of just one case HERE. Necrotizing faciitis or flesh eating disease is being seen. Cat fish with bad chemical burns on them are found in abundance and it is not going away.
Children are testing positive for toxins in their bodies as a result of the spraying of Corexit. Some have tied the use of  it to the recent outbreak of Dengue fever and bacterial flesh eating disease increase.
This site  shows  that the problems of the Gulf Oil spill are far from over and far from being minor.  This is a very grave situation that has not been cleared up.  Workers are testing positive for toxins in their blood and infections and flesh eating disease are only a small part of  what is occurring.
Louisiana dead fish. photo:billy nungesser
Besides the illnesses,  fishermen reporting their nets are fouled with oil, besides the reports as far away as Columbia that the oil spill is  creating problems, there are also suspected cover ups of massive fish kills still occurring. We have seen animal deaths go up since the Gulf spill. Is it a contributor, or is it a main reason?
The photo to the right is of the largest fish kill in recorded history.

Perhaps we will not see the true outcome of all this for many years to come. I hope that is not so.

06 January, 2011

Tesla, Dead Birds, Dead Skiers.
Is there a connection?

Scientists have now determined that the dead birds that fell from the sky died from traumatic blows that caused terrible internal injury. No trauma is seen on the outside of the birds but the force used is described as being very great.
Such was the finding of other incidents. These incidents involved human beings, however.
In the Ural Mountains of Russia is a mountain called Kholat Syakhl by the local tribes. It means Mountain of the dead and in February of 1959 many reported seeing orange lights in the sky over the area.  Today the area is called Dyatlov Pass after the leader of the group, 23 year old Igor Dyatlov.
Dyatlov group
Russian authorities labelled the cause of deaths of the party of hikers  as due to a “a compelling unknown force" or force majeure meaning 'greater force' which is used to describe unnatural occuring events or events ascribed to acts of G-d.
The records were sealed up and labelled top secret . The mountain area itself was restricted  for several years after ward.

 Yudin hugs Dubinina goodbye
The hiking-skiing group members included Igor Dyatlov(23) Georgy Krivonischenko (24), Yury Doroshenko (24), Zina Kolmogorova (22), Rustem Slobodin (23), Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel (24), Ludmila Dubinina (21), Alexander Kolevatov (25) , Zinaida Kolmogorova (22) and Alexander Zolotaryov (37) all students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute in Ekaterinburg and everyone of them an experienced hiker and skier. Another of their group Yuri Yudin had felt ill and returned home early.
 Despite the -18°F temperatures and the dangerous route, this trip was not unusual for people with their  level of experience.
Their tent was found smashed with all their clothing and shoes still inside and the bodies were all found at varying sites and distances from the tent.
Dyatlov ski poles twisted by unknown force
Their tent was cut from inside indicating they escaped from it quickly and under odd circumstances. They were all in underwear suggesting that whatever happened was a quick surprise and they had no time to dress. Some were barefoot and some were found later wearing strips of clothing on their feet, etc from those who died earlier.
Some died of hypothermia, all seemed to have been struck blind. Their skin had turned a orange-tan and their hair had turned gray. Several had their ribs completely crushed but with no outside trauma visible.The force necessary for such crushing was like that of a major car crash.
Two had skulls crushed in the same way and in the case of Lyudmila Dubinina, who had major chest injuries , her tongue and much of the oral cavity  was gone.
Georgy Krivonischenko and Yury Doroshenko were found in underwear by a makeshift fire, made from branches of the pine above them, their hands charred and burnt. Slobodin, who was found 180 meters closer to the tent also had badly burnt hands.He and Zina Kolmogorova who was 150 meters from him, seem to have been trying to crawl back to the tent.
According to one article, "Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel, Ludmila Dubinina, Alexander Kolevatov and Alexander Zolotaryov appeared to have suffered traumatic deaths. Thibeaux-Brignollel’s skull had been crushed, and Dubunina and Zolotarev had numerous broken ribs. Dubinina also had no tongue. The bodies, however, showed no external wounds." But, two of the party had radioactivity in their clothing.

Almost a decade later in the mountains of the Caucasus,another group of hikers was found thrown around like rag dolls. Circumstances were similar and when autopsies were complete it was found that none of the bodies had any bones left in their bodies. The bones had been liquified. Their blood streams contained abonormal amounts of calcium.They seemed to have been thrown a great distance. There were no outwards signs of trauma on the bodies.
Russians also sealed these reports and no more is available.

June 30th, 1908: Tunguska forests nearby residents had seen strange orange lights in the sky over the forest and these lights continued in the northern skies until July 3rd of that year.Silvery masses of clouds were seen by scientists in many countries . One scientist described it as an "undulating mass" and said it seemed more like the very sky itself was quivering. The orange lights that appeared had no movement, no scintillation such as auroras have. It was concluded this was not an Aurora but something very strange.
Tesla has spoken of being able to light the ocean with a soft silvery steady light. In an interview with the American news he said "The lighting of the ocean ... is only one of the less important results to be achieved by the use of this invention . I have planned many of the details of a plant which might be erected at the Azores and which would be amply sufficient to illuminate the entire ocean so that such a disaster as that of the Titanic would not be repeated. The light would be soft and of very small intensity, but quite adequate to the purpose."  He was, of course speaking of his magnified wireless transmission of electrical power.

Tunguska then and now
The Tunguska incident was equivilent to 15 tons of TNT exploding. 500,000 acres were flattened and whole herds of reindeer wiped out. Several villages were never seen or heard from again. They simply disappeared.
There was no crater, and when the site was drilled, the ground was found denuded of all nickel, iron and stone down to a depth of 118 feet.

Tesla stated, "It is perfectly practical to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible. ... But when unavoidable may be used to destroy property and life. The art is already so far developed that the great destructive effects can be produced at any point on the globe, defined beforehand with great accuracy"

Tesla's machine was more than capable of such destruction and the result of Tunguska were consistent with the release of high power such as his "death ray" would produce.

Was someone experimenting with Tesla like power in the Urals and Caucasus mountains?
The power can vary. It does not have to be Tunguska- like. But something , some tremendously powerful force killed the hikers.
Something is killing birds and fish. Something percussive, or as the Soviet scientists who investigated the Ural incident put it they are dying due to "a compelling unknown force".
Is it related to experiments using Tesla's science?  We don't know. We might never know.

Yuri Yudin, who became ill and left the expedition,said, "If I had a chance to ask God just one question, it would be, 'What really happened to my friends that night?'"

05 January, 2011

The Power of Scalar

Scalar waves and electromagnetic fields can have a surprising effect on more than just weather.They can, as Tesla taught, create standing waves that are thousands of feet in length or height.They can be used as weapons of mass destruction.
It is rumored that at the 1974 Vladivostok talks between President Ford and Soviet Premier Brezhnev, weather manipulation and artifical global warming were discussed.These waves, used as weapons , can knock out a nations electric systems.

...Just before the first tremor
the sky lit up like daylight.
The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red
were seen 200 miles away
Tree leaves
were burnt to a crisp
and sorched ...
 And now... more dead birds in Sweden. Supposedly killed by "fright". 
Cold, blizzards, earthquakes and dead birds.
                    We have seen the pattern before.
January 9, 2007 , birds , thousands of them dropped from the sky like little hail stones. And in January of 2007 we saw an increase in earthquakes around the globe, blizzards and severe weather and volcanic activity.
8.3 earthquakes, Montseratt volcano blew, as did Kawah Merapi ,and others were catching world attention.
CNN's headline :"Around the world , 2007 is on track to be a year of extreme weather" .
And a year of birds dying in the sky and fish dying by the millions.
Is there a connection?     If weather and earth  manipulation are the cause , then yes, there is. Electromagnetism has a huge impact on the earth itself.
But it also has impact on what lives on earth. Birds and fish are particularly delicate in regard to sound and shock and electrical influences.
The molten core of the earth is an electromagnet mass that helps to shield the earth from the high energy that proceeds from the sun. Today there is much talk of sun activity increase that may send jolts to the earth  large enough to shut down electric grids on earth. The US produces magnets of 40 tons and upwards that are over 250,000 time more powerful than the earth's own magetic field. Such things are bound to have a profound effect. The new super conductive magnets exert a super high intensity power on the earth that is nothing short of breath taking.
Now as the molten core of the earth moves or shifts, there is an effect on the surface and on the very rotation of earth itself. Since humans and animals are "electric" it also effects us in various ways including dramatic changes in attitude and thinking.
scalar standing waves
  HAARP and Woodpecker  send  impulses out to manipulate weather and other things, disrupt nature and disrupt the protection that the earth itself gives to us.
The earth's molten core can be made to slosh around and produce all manner of effects. 
Since the beginning of ELS  experiments(extremely low frequency waves) through the earth itself by the US and Russia  the earth saw a slowdown and wobbles in its rotation.  So powerful is this magnetic electricity that Norway, which lately saw a terribly odd spiral in the sky not long ago, was having 60 miles wide whirlpools appear off their coast in the 80's.
Nikola Tesla believed it was possible to send electromagnetism directly through the earth and split the earth in two by use of combined waves of vibration sent through it. These vibrations run through the earth without any loss of power which in itself is amazing. Anything meeting with resistance loses power on its way. But this does not.
The earth absorbs scalar waves. It stores them up and "breaths" them out again. It can have devastating consequences.
As Science News reported on Tesla's experimental findings,   "Like a bell, earth has its own natural frequencies - or normal modes - which start ringing if the globe is hit hard enough. The most persistent of these modes causes the planet to expand and contract every 20 minutes, almost as if it were breathing. Scientists can detect this mode even 3 months after a great quake."
Many great earthquakes have been proceeded by a dramatic rise in unusual ULF radio signals. California, 1994, Tangshan 1976,etc.
The great earthquake of Tangshan China in 1976 is considered by many to have been man made. It was a 8 point on the Richter scale followed by a 7.8 aftershock. First reports, which are usually the most true said that over 650,000 people died in those quakes.
Before the Tangshan quake well water was rising and falling dramatically and there was a huge light display in the sky over the entire region.  This was what is called "airglow plasma" and is created by both HAARP and the Russian version "Woodpecker". The Tangshan earthquake occurred exactly during the first experiments done in Russia of earth and weather manipulations.
The New York Times reported "Just before the first tremor at 3:42am, the sky lit up like daylight. The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a fireball."
Just like Tesla had said it would.

04 January, 2011

Scalar Weapons and Dead Birds

This may be an odd post,but, I hope an interesting one at least.

  “Others  are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves...    Defense Secretary William Cohen 

scalar weapons test?
4.000 or more dead birds fell from the sky in Arkansas on January 1 and thousands more  in Louisiana today. Hundreds of birds are  dead in Kentucky,etc.
They did not die of disease.    Hundreds of thousands of fish also died in the US and Brazil, other places. 20 miles of the Arkansas river are covered with dead fish.
100 tons, yes tons of fish have washed up on Brazil's shores.

No, fireworks didn't cause it despite official pronouncements.
  Why did they just fall from the sky? Only birds that were in the sky died.
The following report might be interesting in light of this odd occurrence. It is worth considering.

"On Jan. 1, 1986, a startled Frank Golden detected —and physically verified with a special technique— that a metal softening scalar EM signal had been added onto the Soviet Woodpecker signals. Thus, at that time the Soviet Union was preparing to exercise a metal softening test at some future time, in some location over the U.S.**

** Note this signal could also have been present for the Dec. 12 destruction of the Arrow DC-8 at Gander AFB, Newfoundland.

On Jan. 28, 1986 the Challenger disaster occurred. The Challenger was positively killed by the Soviet Union, using the scalar EM weapons through the Woodpecker grid. A host of indicators occurred.
The anomalous cold weather in Florida was definitely engineered by the USSR,
Specialized cloud patterns associated with Soviet grid engineering and weather engineering were observed and photographed in Los Angeles, California and Huntsville,Alabama, beginning several days before the incident, and particularly on the evening before the launch.
The normal "pivot point" for turning the jetstream northeastward was moved south from Huntsville, Alabama to Birmingham, Alabama by the Soviets; this was to force the jetstream much further south, and consequently move unusually cold air into the Florida panhandle (ed.note: as we are seeing this winter), exposing the shuttle to undue cold stress.
About 4 hours before launch; all Soviet ships off shore suddenly left the area at speed; this was the first shuttle launch not "shadowed" by Soviet ships,
On the morning of the launch, higher frequencies were added to the interference grid to enable much-enhanced localization. The brains of small birds are very sensitive to these higher frequencies, due to their small diameter (wavelength) as a scalar EM receiver. If they remained in the area of localization, the birds would be in intense pain or killed. On  the morning of the launch, national TV network news, announcers, noted that no birds at all were flying in the area, something which had never happened before.
The famous Tesla Tower
At the time of the shuttle’s destruction, a giant radial cloud pattern was actually in the general vicinity.
Three previous shuttle launches—the last on Nov. 26,1985—had been used as direct test targets for tests of the Soviet launch phase ABM/antibomber defense system so the weapon was "zeroed in" on the launch site,
The anomalous destruction of the Arrow DC-8 on Dec. 12, 1985 had already indicated a Soviet decision to elevate the testing to the actual destruction of targeted vehicles,
At the time of the launch, anomalous electromagnetic phenomena occurred in nearby restaurants.
A metal-softening signal was on the grid, as previously detected by Golden. This signal would be detected by the launch flame, and after ignition would result in a steady weakening of the metal in and around the booster flame. Note that the metal was already cold-stressed beyond what it had been tested to withstand.
Almost immediately after ignition, the booster seals vented, giving evidence that the cold stress and the metal-softening signal were weakening the system,
An anomalous 10 second or so burnthrough of the weakened booster occurred.
An anomalous "light"—possibly a Soviet EM missile —was observed to play on the rocket before it blew up.
An anomalous "flat plate" earthquake over about 11 states occurred within days after destruction of the shuttle. This type of quake is strongly suspicious, and it was probably the test of the grid/howitzers in a ground wave interferometry mode.
Substantial winds and air turbulence over the launch site increased the stress on the Challenger as it rose through this region. With a giant cloud radial in the area, one strongly suspects that the turbulence may have been deliberately created or augmented by  the Soviet scalar EM grid,
A few days later, from 1-4 February 1986, many birds inadvertently flew into the new, localized "pivot point" at Birmingham, Alabama, encountered the high frequency components, and dead birds fell from the sky in substantial numbers. Many different kinds of birds were involved.
Most significant of all, General Daniel Graham has reported that, on the evening after the death of the Challenger, the Soviet KGB gave a party and celebrated the success of their perfect active measures against the Challenger! Note that all development, deployment, employment, and command and control of the Soviet scalar EM weapons are under the KGB.
Finally, a U.S. classified investigation of the Challenger disaster was ordered by   Congress, but its results have not been made public. Beyond any doubt the Soviets   destroyed the Challenger, and killed the seven brave astronauts aboard the spaceship."

Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

The report goes on from there.You can access it here.
Believe it or don't believe it,  but we live in perilous times. And there are more things unknown, than known. There are serious questions to be asked. Some of the questions are ones we do not even know to ask!
Nikola Tesla said he caused the famous Tunguska incident.
He called this weapon  a "death ray" , a scalar weapon. The name might be silly but Tesla was definitely not.

You can read about Nikola Tesla and scalar wave technology HERE, HERE and HERE
Learn about scalar field theory HERE
(emphasis mine throughout article.)