06 February, 2012

America Needs a Call to National Repentance

American's can't win in the political department unless  the nation repents of the very things that have brought it down because the old saying that a nation gets the leaders it deserves may just well be the case.

A look at the news on any given day and the trash that fills it show the steady decline of morality and decency. We see people calling 9 11 because their fast food order is slow to arrive. Others punch out the server if something annoys them.  Self absorption is the order of the day.

Morality is in decline in America. Groups of kids think nothing of robbing a store en masse. They feel entitled to the goodies they take. There is no thought for the store owner or his family. Our schools do not educate but indoctrinate in extreme views and undermine thought. History is perverted and recreated like something out of  Orwell's '1984'.

Corporations and banks steal and cheat the public and not  much is done to stop them.Divorce is a national pastime and dirty language is par for the course wherever you go.

I have actually seen people curse G-d in internet 'shorthand' that is so popular. It is so common  that I once was horrified to see it used on a religious forum. G-d is out and do your own thing replaces him and his guidance. "In G-d we Trust" is an empty phrase. In fact G-d and his commandments have been placed in dusty , dank basements for storage.

The super rich use America as a cash cow while sending business and jobs overseas and closing down American manufacturing, once the envy of the world and now not even a shadow of its former self.

The widow , the orphan and the weak and the elderly are used mercilessly and cheated out of what little they have. They are thrown aside and justice is denied to them because they are poor.

Our leadership partners  with other nations at the expense of our own people. Laws are enacted that work against our own citizens.  Foreign law is put on a par with American law. Relativism and cultural relativity, German rationalism have perverted our view. Values are so skewed that few recognize what this means. Few see the end of self reliance and the work ethic because they don't know what it is anymore since those values are not taught anymore.

Justice is gone from courts who take on a political flavor  rather than dispensing justice or upholding the Constitution. The love of American values is replaced by a foreign mind set that is pervading the entire nation as Americans sink to the bottom and strangers rise to the top.

A woman sitting on the Supreme Court,  Justice Ruth Ginsberg, mocks the Constitution while speaking to foreigners and does so in complete confidence and arrogance. Don't replicate the Constitution she told them but look to South Africa as a great example. South Africa where whites are being butchered? How clueless and self absorbed is this woman?

It  is an utter disgrace to speak that way about the nation she was hired to serve and protect and  yet there she sits on the bench that is supposed to uphold the Constitution she looks down upon. She should be fired  immediately.  But it is okay to mock the very nation that pays your salary and supports you. It is alright to denigrate the Constitution that gives you your freedom and your job.
She looks like a demented Gerbil.

Wee bit of snobbery
Our own president saunters around the world apologizing for us. What does he apologize for? For the billions in handouts and food shipments that saved millions of lives?  Is that what he apologizes for?  America has carried the world on its back for a long time now and all it gets in return is a kick in the face even from its own leadership. Disgraceful, yet, these leaders have no clue. They vacation while Americans look hard for work. They call  people out of work liars and declare there is plenty of work. Our leaders just can't understand why the little people are not employed.
Truth be told  they simply do not care at all.

Prices on necessities are rising to the point that normal people cannot afford to feed their families as they once did,  but,  not much is said. The public just pays and remains quiet as food prices soar out of sight, housing becomes unaffordable and jobs are sent overseas to nations we also help support through hand outs!

Yes, we give foreign aid to China. We borrow from them, but also give them foreign aid and they steal technology from us to the tune of multiple billions of dollars all the time. Sane, moral people see the goofy weird , sick attitude behind this kind of policy.

I learned long ago to follow the money. There is usually someone's pockets bulging from such things.

China is one of the biggest economies in the world and grew at more than 9 percent over the last year. It also has loaned more than $1 trillion to the U.S. to fund its deficit-spending.

But at the same time, the U.S. sends foreign aid to China, which lawmakers of all stripes say is just plain nuts.

"Why in the world would we be borrowing money and then turn around and giving it back to the countries that we're borrowing it from?" Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said. "If they have enough of a surplus to loan us money, they have enough of a surplus to take care of their own needs."

Democratic Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia asked the same question in a recent appearance on Fox News: "Hey, in the crisis that we're in right now, should we really be continuing to send American taxpayer dollars over to China for these purposes?"

It isn't a lot of aid -- tens of millions in bilateral aid, much more through international institutions to which the U.S. contributes.

But the question is why a nation that's competing with the U.S. economically and politically in every corner of the globe should get any money from the U.S.
Fox News

The Occupy movement was so filthy, so lacking in personal or national pride that they attracted vermin , rats, filth and disease to their camp sites.   This indicates a serious lack of values and morality when you are willing to live in your own filth . What kind of people are so lacking in decency that they trash the very place they live? What kind of people like living in filth?

Walk through any mall and hear children and teens using the most vile language you can think of freely and without embarrassment.It is now second nature to people to curse and revile. There seemingly are no limits for them. Their parents, if they even have two of them, are absent and unconcerned for the most part. Home life is missing for many as each member does his own thing.

We see gangs of kids raiding stores and stealing en masse. Their parents are no where to be seen and in most cases are not married to one another anyway. We see a generation that feels entitled to whatever they want.

The fundamental problems that America faces are not from outside.If the barbarians are at the gates it is the fault of the people inside who have allowed national morality to slide with hardly a whimper of complaint.

If there are no decent presidential candidates you can blame that on the public who don't demand strong, moral candidates but accept whatever is thrown at them and find excuses for the low morality of its leadership. G-d seems to let you have what you desire most if you are not seeking his ways. There is a saying that in the way you wish to go, you will be lead and truly America seems to be gravitating toward its lowest common denominator.

Hollywood promotes easy uninhibited sex outside marriage even for kids. It promotes what it calls alternative life styles for children barely old enough to understand who or what they are let alone make life changing decisions. Drunk, rude, drug taking stars and athletic 'heroes' dominate the news. They are held in high esteem.

Children's movies are even laden with sexual innuendo and dirty language and parents feel it is okay because it entertains them too, after all.  Previous generations must be whirling in their graves.
Television offers so-called reality shows that  portray all  kinds of people living and doing degrading things. People are given urine to drink and willingly debase themselves for money.

The government of the people, by the people and for the people are promoters of abortion on demand as a substitute for birth control and marriage is denigrated. Broken families are portrayed in books, television and movies to be the 'norm'.

Schools are quick to deny G-d and relegate Torah, the bible, to the trash pile, in this nation where, at one time, it was the basis of education.  Grammar schools taught Hebrew, Greek and Latin as a basis for higher education the purpose of which was to read your bible. Not any more.

Text books of today promote an anti-American view of history, the Constitution is trampled and put under attack and many say it needs "changing". The nation has taken on a foreign mind set it never used to have as immigration has brought more and more who refuse citizenship and opt instead to live here for the perks, giving back nothing but attitude and having a whole lot to say about a nation that they do not love enough to become part of.

America has become a just a hang out for many to take part in the freedom and money they neither vote for nor  defend. Some places have even asked for a change in law to allow foreigners to vote in national elections as if this was in any way natural or right. I call these people  the squatters of America.They come, they use, they take , they refuse to take the oaths of allegiance however.

I have a neighbor who has been in America for over 40 years with no intention of becoming a citizen.  She needs the perks America provides her but she wants the option to bolt and run if things go south.   She is not alone, as there are thousands upon thousands just like her. Seriously, why do we allow this? Where are our standards, where is our pride?

The election process  has become a Hollywood style extravaganza for the super rich and the special interests who promote them.

Another evil that must be repented of is Operation Paperclip which brought many thousands of unrepentant actual Nazis to the United States and allowed them free rein in science and other areas of life. Don't think they helped us any. In fact Russia beat the USA into space because these Nazis were undermining the space program. America's moral compass was more than compromised in allowing these people into the nation.

I think America has to demand and desire a  more moral and sane society before anything can even begin to improve.  Change begins at home in the individual and in the family but there needs to be a national call for repentance.





  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Americans are absorbed in meaningless trivia and instant gratification. There is no common sense, no common courtesy, no human decency no fear of embarrassment. Language, clothing and music are all crude and quite defining of who we are. I listened to old music the other day and felt so sad. Rap is the music of the sound track we are living in. American youth are fat, shallow, self absorbed and cruel. They must be what the prophets meant when he they said 'The youth at time of mashiach will have the face of a dog. Dog indeed! G-d help us! I pray mashiach will come. America will not change because a Republican becomes president. Only when, G-d forbid the Iranians start carrying out their threats will people start serious reflection. The downside of this is whatever happens will be blamed on the Jews and our lives will become very difficult.I hope we can get out of here before then.

    1. "...in the twinkling of an eye..."

      Your reading of the American Jewish Tea Leaves is probably correct but based on your reply, I doubt whether you or most Jews like you will make it. The greatest Chillul Hashem ("desecration of G-d's name.") is your refusal to obey the primary mitzvah of the Torah. Yishuv Eretz Yisrael!

      American Jewry is finished even without the help of your Gentile neighbors. 70+% intermarriage will see to that. Add almost total ignorance about anything Jewish will ensure your end. It may take a generation or two to be completed but the trend is irreversible and the end enevitable.

      You, like the 7 million Jews who died in Europe have had a choice and you chose! The consequences be on your collective heads.

      As an ex pat American, living in Israel for many years I can tell you that you've made the wrong choice and either you or your children or your children's children will pay the price.

      Deut 30:19

      "I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before thee life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore choose life, that thou mayest live, thou and thy seed;

      to love the Lord thy God, to hearken to His voice, and to cleave unto Him; for that is thy life, and the length of thy days; that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord swore unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them."

  2. Unfortunately, Lemon. Your article hits the point squarely. I think we are nearing end times because the lunacy of what you write about is true. No nation can survive with this much moral decay....

    1. Yet even an awful nation like Assyria repented for a time.I hope the same will happen here as this is nothing like Assyria.

  3. yes the country is in a state of severe decline, and the leaders who rise to the top reflect that decline on both sides

    but it's hard to fix that, the decline agenda is too thoroughly integrated and wields a great deal of power. witness how anyone who opposes gay marriage is destroyed

  4. What usually rises to the top, you skim off and through away.

  5. The America you loved and idolized is gone, never to return.

    Best to accept the reality and move on. Things look as though they will get much worse which many of your posts reflect.