11 November, 2012

Earthquakes & Radioactive Flotilla

{After a week without power, light or heat due to 'Sandy', we are  posting as often as the situation here  allows.}

Beautiful scene disguises Japan's troubles
Fukishima Prefecture, Japan:

There have been 10 earthquakes of magnitude 4 and greater since Thursday of last week according to ENE news.

Meanwhile 33,000 tons of   tsunami  debris is sailing toward the west coast of the United States.
It is thought that it may contain radioactivity.

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  1. glad you're still posting despite Sandy and I'm sure your readers, like me, appreciate it

  2. The silence or misinformation by US and Canadian governments after the Fukushima disaster should have been a warning to us all. What else are they hiding? I live in Canada's west coast and the government even suppressed official radiation readings a few weeks after the explosion. I became an avid visitor to alternative media.

    with latest news and articles.

    US map with radiation readings. (I can't vouch for its accuracy.)

    We British Columbians have been getting the brunt of the radiation plume emanating from Japan. The fish are already radioactive. For those of us who are vegetarians, the soil itself has become contaminated by wind and rain.

  3. And, almost forgot, ENENEWS, as a great alternative source of information.

    I second Daniel Greenfield's thoughts. Thank you for your articles.

  4. Thanks Tracy.
    It is a great site.
    Canada might have a real problem with this as will the entire Western coast of North America.
    I love Canada. Spent many happy, lovely times there.