30 April, 2013

Nuclear Woe

“We are dealing
unknown territory
which has
never been
explored before”
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has pipes literally being held together by masking tape, plastic shopping bags and pieces of broom handle as
workers say they are in unknown territory and they have no idea how to fix the problems of leaky and degraded pipes and equipment. Numerous warnings over corroded equipment have been issued.
It may be that the plant cannot be started up again since it may be too dangerous.
Have these people never heard of the value of duct tape?   Seriously it is that ridiculous and worse it is such an extremely dangerous situation.

And in Japan, Tepco is walking a tight rope as radioactive material is spiking. In other words far from being over the event at Fukushima is worsening all the time.The problems are an "alarming reality".
There has been a melt through and radiation is leaking into the ocean on a regular and increasing basis.

Masking tape, plastic.. why not chewing gum?
Part of that reality is that Fukushima is a worldwide catastrophe the results of which we have only begun to see and outside science journals and scientific news sites is largely being ignored by the main stream media.  

In Illinois the LaSalle plant hit by lightning has developed leaks in the primary containment unit and is being shut down as a result.
“This notification is being provided in accordance with 10CFR50.72(b)(2)(i), Plant Shutdown required by
Technical Specifications, and 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(ii)A, Degraded or Unanalyzed Condition."


  1. Fukushima is one plant. Good grief if there were more such catastrophes; even another single one would overwhelm natural resources.

    It's time to jump ship, before the Bow goes under. Have you ever considered ...?

  2. Yes!! Jump ship! There IS that one way ticket to Mars. Nobody there is screw up the planet yet! Where is accountability here? Isn't this why we pay world leaders more? Because of their burden of being better, smarter and more SUPERHUMAN than us?