20 August, 2013

Fukushima Vice Governor Says National Emergency

Three hundred tons of radioactive water has again leaked from the plant. It is the worst leak to date.
It has continued through today though they cannot pinpoint the exact site of the tank's leak.
Fukushima's Vice Governor Yuhei Sato has declared it a national emergency and  is asking the central government to take action immediately on the ever worsening situation.

From the Malay Mail Online:
TEPCO admitted the toxic water might contaminate groundwater and flow into the Pacific Ocean "in the longer term", but said it was working to avoid such a situation.

"We are transferring the contaminated water from a tank with a leakage problem to unbroken tanks, and retrieving leaked water and soil around it," the spokesman said.

"We are also beefing up existing earth-fill dams around tanks," he said, as the region braces for heavy rain later on Tuesday.

So far four tonnes of the spilled water had been retrieved since Monday evening when TEPCO started the recovery operation, the company said.

TEPCO has faced a growing catalogue of incidents at the plant including several leaks of radioactive water, following the worst nuclear disaster in a generation.
Tokyo Electric Power Company has released information on the composition of the leak here.

Honestly, every day it gets a bit worse.


  1. I literally have stopped buying fish. I looked it up and 68% of US fish comes from such and such area. 13% comes from blah blah blah... I'm not buying until I can get perhaps Alaskan Salmon....
    This is not good and no one is really reporting this at all....you would think in the wake of the Obama scandals he would choose this as a distraction...Wait a minute, perhaps someone should call him and give him a heads up... ;)

    1. It could be that fresh water fish are still much safer eating.
      I love to fish and would hate to give up trout and freshwater bass.

  2. I am still researching this..will keep you updated...Shabbat Shalom