03 September, 2013

Contamination of the Pacific

Pacific means peaceful.
Hawaiian beach

adjective: pacific; adjective: Pacific
1. peaceful in character or intent.
"a pacific gesture"
synonyms: peace-loving, peaceable, pacifist, nonviolent, nonaggressive, nonbelligerent, unwarlike, antiwar

How sad that an ocean so named may have a violent and ugly death because of man's inability to recognize his own limitations.
It comes at a time when peace is indeed being removed from the earth ever increasingly.

The biggest concern of nuclear scientists is the destruction of a large part of the Pacific Ocean due to the massive amounts of radiation leaking into it from Fukushima. There is no end in sight as the problem of Fukushima will continue for at least another 100 years according to seasoned nuclear experts like Imad Khadduri.
Russia simply buried Chernobyl after it caused havoc and the death of a million people but Fukushima cannot be so easily controlled at all.

He outlined the scenario if another earthquake strikes.    
Earthquakes and Japan are no strangers.
He is not alone in this view as his outline is echoed by nuclear experts around the world.

Khadduri: Well if there is another earthquake the serious one 6, 7, 8, or 9 magnitude, that would rattle all these tanks — 1,060 tanks — it would rattle the damaged cores, spent fuel whose structures have already weakened, yes that’s a potential very, very serious threat if another strong earthquake hits the same area again.

Host: It looks like foreign help is being invited now to come and deal with this. Will that at all speed up your very scary timeline of 40-100 years?

Khadduri: […] they are facing a huge problem — difficult, a very difficult problem to solve and I don’t know how much bright new ideas they might throw in, it’s yet unknown.

Host: Scary situation.

Khadduri: Yes.

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