07 November, 2013

"Major Global Catastrophe"

Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, former Japanese Ambassador to the US said that "The worsening radioactive contamination of the sea will soon awaken the whole world to the nuclear dangers that cannot be endured by human society."
Mr. Murata

Mr. Murata also wrote the following letter to President Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

Much reported contaminated water problem at Fukushima Daiichi is overshadowing the Unit 4 crisis which is the most pressing global security issue. A mega earthquake surpassing intensity 6plus will make collapse the already wrecked building and the cooling pool containing ten times more cesium 137 than Chernobyl. There are in total 15093 fuel rods assemblies at the site. Frequent earthquakes continue to rattle the building. If the worst happens, the total evacuation will be imposed and it will be, as top scientists of the world warn, the beginning of a major global catastrophe.

It is urgently needed to set up an international task force to assist Japan by deploying all possible means to reduce the risks of the imminent first unloading of spent fuel from the unit 4 under conditions of unprecedented complexity. This requires the establishment of a new system based on the full assumption of responsibilities by the Government of Japan. The enormous amount of funding needed must be totally supervised by the Government, not by TEPCO. This is the crisis of Japan as a nation, not the crisis of the management of TEPCO. One of the lessons of Fukushima should be the shift of the priority; from economy to life.

 The task force to be created under the new system, consisting of best selected experts, American and others, would provide, based on neutral assessment, adequate strategies for the stabilization of the Fukushima Daiichi.

The world is pinning hopes on your historic role, symbolized by your vision “the world without nuclear weapons”.

With highest and warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

"In a letter to the UN secretary general, Mitsuhei Murata says the official radiation figures published by Tepco cannot be trusted. He says he is extremely worried about the lack of a sense of crisis in Japan and abroad."BBC News

And from Mycle Schneider who advises both Germany and France on their nuclear programs:

"The Japanese have a problem asking for help. It is a big mistake; they badly need it."

More information on Japan's situation here.


  1. Be very scared. I am amazed that people still look at me like I am crazy for mentioning this....

  2. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Please, HaShem... have mercies on all of us...