22 May, 2014

DOD: None of Your Business

The Senators asked what nations we are at war with.

The Department of Defense replied that it was 'classified' or in simple terms, none of their business.

But it is very much Congress' business!

As one tweeter said in a direct reference to the ongoing wars in George Orwell's 1984, "Either Oceania or Eastasia, I think".

Another tweeted, "don’t ask who, or why. It’s your job to Clap Louder!"
Ain't it the truth.

You can read the entire story here and cringe at the open disdain for the nation.

Government hearings on  military use here.


  1. It is becoming more Big Brother like everyday and most do not see it...

  2. It's more than Big Brother, more like communist/fascist in many ways. A congressman even praised communism (in America) as working out good.

  3. Joe garcia of florida said this!

  4. Hi Lemon. Have a beautiful Shavuos and thank you for your blog! :-)

    1. Thank you. I wish you a beautiful Shavuot as well!