25 June, 2014

Great Whites in Rockaway NY

They are back.
Can you hear the theme to Jaws playing?
shark vs kayak
As the seal population in New York Harbor and the oceans around New York state increase with good conservation, the Great White Shark population is returning as well.
They are being spotted in increasing numbers from Massachusetts to New Jersey.
A fisherman from New York City caught a juvenile Great White just off Rockaway, Queens this week and saw an adult not far away as well.  If you see one, you can bet there are more.
Just the day before a Great White scooped up a snack of chum from a boat off Brigantine, New Jersey.

These big predators can reach lengths of well over 20 feet and weigh 5000 pounds and more.    The largest Great White on record was caught in White Head Island, New Brunswick Canada. He was trapped in a herring weir and was 37 feet in length.
A shark named "Harry" who is often spotted off Rockaway is 26 feet in length.

The photo shows a Great White sizing up a kayak during a scientific test to see why they attack kayaks.


  1. With those fins Harry looks like he can fly! DONT GO IN THE WATER :-))

  2. Looks a little like Washington...Doh! ;)