07 January, 2015

A Fracking Good Time!

Texas had 5 earthquakes in less than 4 hours.
Oklahoma has had a dramatic increase in earthquakes;over 500 in a month in a state where it was once as rare as can be.
Ohio has increased quakes.   Places which never had earthquakes are seeing them on a regular basis now.
Mysteriously they seem to increase wildly wherever fracking is going on.
Another mystery is drinking water going  bad or igniting into flame from the tap!
Of course fracking has nothing at all to do with any of this.

Pumping chemical filled water down between rock layers, displacing, expanding and shifting them has absolutely no effect on the earth at all. Please don't be silly.
There is not a reaction for every action.  That is a myth.

You could do an experiment by pumping  some chemical laced water into the ground beneath your home or apartment.
Nothing will happen just as nothing happens from fracking.
 Your foundation will not crack, or shift. The house will not collapse in on itself.

Well, on second thought, yes it will.    Even excessive rain along a home foundation will cause shifting, window and doors to move, and eventually roof collapse, no chemicals needed.
 It is why we need  sump pumps, drainage systems and roof gutters.
But ignore all that.

Fracking has decreased property values everywhere it is being done or even discussed.
Let us chalk that up to tree hugging housewives with too much time of their hands or something.
Let nothing stop us.   There is money to be made and oil is king.


Heavy equipment has damaged local roads to the extent that many are impossible for normal traffic anymore.
Drinking water and pasture for grazing animals is poisoned.

But fracking is wonderful because lots of money is being made and we are less dependent on foreign oil. 

All is well.   Go back to your cell phone.


  1. Scaaaaary as all get out

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Funny how the world is undoing itself. Everything comes from the One Above; this is the way, it appears, He is having man punishing himself. We see all kinds of upheaval from one end of the earth to the other, in all directions.

  3. Interesting. There has been much talk of New Madrid Fault activity, and "the big one" to come. But, it's east of Texas and Oklahoma, a little closer to Ohio.

    What's next?

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Fracking is growing in Ohio as well as other states near the New Madrid fault.

  4. My dear Lemon ... as always ... you crack me up. "All is well. Go back to your cell phone." Isn't that the truth, sadly. I still love you and your dry humor. Been busy ... just now read your post.