28 April, 2016

Nations Poop Pants Over Possible End to Free Lunch

Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is upset that Trump wants to put America first.
He isn't alone.  There is a world-wide soiling of underwear over the possibility that America might place her own people before others.
Oh no!  How dare America put its own citizens welfare first.

The mean comments begin, but it isn't nice to bite the  hand that feeds you.
Charity begins at home. How hard is that to really understand?

I wonder about the moral values of nations that find a problem with that.
Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while but to expect America to bear the burden and expense all the time  is evil.


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Controlling language is a way to control a country.
    You can look at same thing coming from people who want the USA not to control her own borders.
    Those who hate America First are criminals and communists.

  2. Been on this earth many years Lemon and never seen a country that folks try to manipulate more than the United States.
    China etc is allowed to be China but the US has to be all things to all people for some darn reason.
    We got foreigners dictating our policies now while Americans are stifled to quote Archie Bunker.

  3. Miriam B10:53 PM

    You're being bad again. Don't make me come over there. lol

  4. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Just got to read this now. The world is going crazy because it's being turned into a one world mish mosh - no borders, no culture, no sense of anything - just chaos.