23 May, 2016

The Accomplishments of Ethnic Europeans

 For a young friend disheartened by the current ugly racist and  garbage anti-Western civilization junk  in the world today.

 Xenophobia is not new.  It is rampant among the more dim witted, self centered, self righteous of the world. Many call themselves religious to boot.  What a joke they are.

No other people have accomplished what the ethnic European peoples have
Europeans created the best and brightest of society, manners, culture. No other cultures in the world approach the greatness of European culture and learning.

Note: these lists are very partial .      Imagine that!
It would takes pages and pages to include all names, but by far, Europeans dominate the world in every single field of endeavor.
I had to cut the lists down by hundreds of names in each category.

While other ethnic groups have their own accomplishments, they by no meanscome close
to the accomplishments of   European peoples.
Credit where credit is due!

  Great  nations :

Hands down they are European or European derived, like the US or Canada,etc.
Isn't that why everyone wants to live in those nations and not in their own?
Of course it is, though they hate to admit it.
If the West was so darn awful why aren't they all heading home?
You know why!

The world's greatest scientists  

(very partial list!)

Isaac Newton
Werner Von Braun
Galileo Galilei
Nikola Tesla
Marie Curie
Louis Pasteur
Michael Faraday
Thomas Edison
Johannes Kepler
 Josiah Willard Gibbs
Benjamin Franklin
Joseph Henry
Othniel Charles Marsh
Thomas Hunt
Nicolas Copernicus
Roger Bacon
Niels Bohr
James Maxwell
Pierre Curie
Enrico Fermi
Carl Friedrich Gauss
William Rowan Hamilton
Thomas Young
Blaise Pascal
Stephen Hawking
Sir Francis Bacon
William Thomson
Antoine Lavoisier
Rene Descartes
William Harvey
 André-Marie Ampère
Jean Baptiste Dumas
Marin Mersenne
Maria Gaetana Agnesi
Gregorius Agricola
Henri Becquerel
Roger Bacon
John Bernat
Martin Brennan
Louis Braille
Alexis Carrel
Giovanni Cassini
Luigi Galvani
Wm. Gascoigne
Francois Viete
George Stokes
Lord Kelvin
John Woodward
Samuel Morse
Pierre Gassendi
Raoul Bott
Jean Buridan
Daniello Bartoli
Laura Bassi
Jean Francois Champollion
Andrea Cesalpino
Bonaventura Cavalieri
Charles Augustin de  Coulomb
Johann Baptist Cysat
Leon Foucault
Herve Faye
Peter Joseph Maloney
John Montgomery

The list  includes hundreds of more names.

 world's finest music.
partial list

Ludwig Von Beethoven
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach
Joseph Haydn
George Frideric Handel
Franz Schubert
Johannes Brahms
Hildegard Von Bingen
Fredric Chopin
Giuseppe Verdi
Richard Wagner
Franz Schubert
Franz Liszt
Giacomo Puccini
Gioachino Rossini
Antonio Vivaldi
Vaughn Williams
Richard Strauss

Great Inventions:

Polio vaccine: Dr Howard Howe who invented it 3 years before Jonas Salk!
Using a vaccine made of killed polio virus, Dr. Howe found that it made children develop antibodies against the virus. He presented his findings today at the annual meeting of the American Public Health association in Cleveland.” from The Day in New London Ct. 1952 article
Penicillin (  Alexander Fleming  an ethnic Scot)
(penicillin was used in the Civil war for wounds actually in the form of mold)
Optic Fiber transmission: John Logie Baird 1926 ( a Scotsman my friend)

Sonar: by Paul Langevin, Constantin Chinowsky, and Robert Boyle in 1916
Cholera Vaccine:  Spaniard Jaime Clua in 1885
Anti Plague vaccine: Versin and Simond and has a better cure rate than any other type.
Aspirin: invented by Felix Hoffman an ethnic German working for Bayer.
Stainless Steel was invented by a Frenchman named Brustlein based on the work of  two Englishmen who invented corrosion resistant metal earlier
Defibrillator (by Jean-Louis Prévost and Frédéric Batelli in Geneva, Switzerland in 1899)
Pacemaker ( Dr. Mark Lidwell and Edgar H. Booth in 1926)
combustion engine
cotton gin
Electric Trains: by Robert Finch and Morton Carlisle in 1894
microphone: Edison
Radial engine : Charles Manly 1901
wireless communication
air conditioning (Louis Carrier)
airplane (Wright Brothers)
modern surgery
 can opener
vacuum tubes: Robert von Lieben in 1906, German Patent #179,807
canning foods
modern cement
chronometers, clocks
jet engine (Sir Frank Whittle)
flashlights/electric torch
Geiger counter
coat hangers!
locomotive engine
modern stoves/ranges,ovens
seat belts
flush toilets
modern plumbing
earliest traffic light (Lester Farnsworth Wire in 1912 Salt Lake City but failed to patent it and it was stolen)
Walkie Talkie: Donald Hings in 1937, Canadian Patent #466,457
Incandescent light: Humphry Davy 1809
AC Current: Hippolyte Pixii in 1832

pages and pages more.

Greatest artists :
partial list:

Claude Monet
da Vinci
John Constable
Jan Van Eyck
Edward Hopper
John Singer Sargent
Winslow Homer
Norman Rockwell
Grant Wood
James Whistler
Mary Cassatt
Fredric Church
Asher Durand
Benjamin West
Grandma Moses
Gilbert Stuart
John James Audubon
Edward Hicks
Edouard Cortes
Pieter Vanderlyn
Van Dyke
G. Harvey Jones

Greatest Explorers:

Henry Hudson
Vasco de Balboa
 Bartolomeu Dias
Vasco de Gama
John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto)
Ferdinand Magellan
Amerigo Vespucci
Francis Drake
John Smith
James Cook
George Vancouver
Christopher Columbus
Admiral Byrd
Leif Erikson
Fernando de Soto
 Lewis and Clark
Sir Edmund Hillary
Samuel de Champlain
Roald Amundsen
Rune Gjeldnes
Marco Polo
Prince Henry the Navigator
Francisco Pizarro
Hernan Cortez
Francisco de Coronado
Kit Carson
Daniel Boone
Jacques Cartier
Jacque Cousteau

Worlds Greatest Men of Medicine
This list is extremely shortened due to space
Joseph Lister
Edward Jenner
Andreas Vesalius
Harvey Cushing

Greatest Universities, all founded by ethnic Europeans:

Oxford U
Brown U.
Heidelberg U. founded 1386 in Germany
University of Sydney
University of Copenhagen
McGill University
Ecole Polytechnique, France
University of Pennsylvania (Quaker)
Columbia U (founded by George II of Great Britain)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Greatest Writers :

Henrik Ibsen
Jonathan Swift
William Shakespeare
Leo Tolstoy
John Keats
Fyodor Dostoevsky
John Greenleaf Whittier
Daniel Defoe
Mark Twain
Louisa May Alcott
John Whittier Greenleaf
Edna St Vincent Millay
Ezra Pound
Sinclair Upton
Stephen Crane
Emily Dickinson
James Fenimore Cooper
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nathaniel Hawthorne
 Washington Irving
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
William Faulkner
James Joyce
John Steinbeck
John Milton
John Donne
Herman Melville
 Sir Walter Scott
William Butler Yeats
William Wordsworth
Charles Dickens
Walt Whitman
 George Eliot
Thomas Mann
Anton Chekhov
Thomas Hardy
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Robert Frost
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Alexander Pushkin
Jack London
Thomas Hardy
Oscar Wilde
Henry James
Rudyard Kipling
George Moore


Henry Ford
Hedy Lamarr (radio guidance system)
Eli Whitney(cotton gin)
Karl Benz
Thomas Savery
Rudolf Diesel
Albertus Magnus
Wright Brothers
Thomas Newcomen
Guglielmo Marconi
Louis Braille
Louis Pasteur
Alexander Fleming
Nikola Tesla
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Graham Bell
Leonardo da Vinci
Thomas Alva Edison
James Watt
Samuel Morse
Alfred Nobel
Johannes Gutenberg
George Westinghouse
Charles Babbage
Isaac Newton
Humphry Davy

The nations  that have exemplified  kindliness and giving and compassion  :

The United States and the British nations.
US citizens have the distinction of being the biggest givers and most hospitable people in history.
While the nation itself is a big giver of aid, the citizens themselves vastly out give the government and give more to charity and aid than any other people.

Be proud to be an ethnic European!