Destroying Masculinity

Western society is to lay down and submit to rape it seems just as northern European nations insist their women submit to rape   and keep quiet about it.
Certainly there is no masculine response in those nations to the abuse of their women because the emasculation of the west has been in progress for a long time now.

Is there a concerted effort to  create a servile submissive population who believe and do as they are told?
The feminine side was maimed by centuries of brutality and  ugly unnatural social demands that women be rarely seen and never heard on pain of severe consequences. The feminine side of creation was debased into something only slightly useful only on masculine terms.
The backlash was feminism which was only partially successful until it was  quickly hijacked and used for many purposes other than elevating the position of women in society.  It became a tool of those who wanted to destroy the feminine and create unnatural mini-men.
We see a plethora of movie heroines who fight like men and in some cases are shown to be far more powerful and larger than life.
A ridiculous scenario is created and fed to young girls who begin to believe it is possible for them to take on a man and over power them quite easily!  With no real world experience they really think this might be true.  Caution flies out the window and they make themselves targets for violence.

 Now it is the males turn to be ground down into the dust by those whose agenda seems to be world domination.  But domination is a male trait, that must be over thrown before society can be over thrown. The gatekeeper must be taken out first before you take the city.
One can only imagine where it will end but we live in ugly times.

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  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    The world has surely gone mad. Our holy Sages predicted all this 2000 years ago. They all prayed for the end of days and the coming of Moshiach, but did not want to be around at that time, because the insanity would be too much to bear. The insanity we see in all things today is part of a satanic agenda to turn all that is holy and just into pure evil. It has been part of an evil agenda from time immemorial. That is the reason also for so much Jew hatred, as the Jew brought civilization and the Laws of G-D to the world. The evil goal of those who are trying to undo civilization is turning everything, literally everything, upside down. It's darkest before the dawn. We pray for the Redemption before it gets worse. Hopefully, our righteous Moshiach is at the door.


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