18 April, 2017

Fukushima: China Syndrome

Fukushima is the nuke event without parallel. The event that keeps on giving and giving with no real end in sight.
Right now the mainstream media ignores the problems like the plague refusing to acknowledge that there is any problem at all.   Japan continues to follow that route as well despite scientists who warn that this is not over and will continue worsening.
Robots have been in use to search for the multiple molten cores that continue to show up but it is not bearing enough rewards to continue.

The Asian Times reports: " The robots are part of an unprecedented task, challenging engineers to come up with technology that doesn’t exist to deal with a nuclear disaster the likes of which has never been known."

Underground explosions continue  as the molten fuel melts deeper into the earth's core daily. It cannot be stopped by any known technology today and China Syndrome has occurred according to most US scientists.
 As I have reported before, no one knows how deep the fuel rods have gone into the earth beneath the reactors.  They do know it has become like lava from a volcano and flowing freely.

What is China Syndrome?
Wikipedia says :  the "China syndrome", a nuclear meltdown scenario so named for the fanciful idea that there would be nothing to stop the meltdown tunneling its way to the other side of the world ("China").

Only it is no longer 'fanciful" at all.    It is a very real thing and ongoing right now.

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