03 April, 2018

More Earth Cracks Appearing ..Earth Changing

Arizona Geological Survey is looking into a 2 mile long crack that appeared in Pinal County in Arizona or was first observed in 2014.
The 2 mile long crack is 30 feet deep in places and 10 feet wide.
   Forbes' Trevor Nace reports:
The fissure is a surface expression of a larger open void underground, which ultimately is a result of desiccation due to aquifer drawdown from local populations and agriculture. Agriculture in the region relies on drawdown of the underlying porous sandstone aquifers for potable water. This, in turn, causes significant compaction of sediment that was otherwise held up by water in the sediment pore spaces. After decades of aquifer depletion, the underlying sedimentary rocks eventually fail and cause fissures or cracks to appear both in the subsurface and surface of the Earth.

Arizona is not alone and cracks are appearing in South Africa and Antarctica as well.

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