01 September, 2007

Rockaway Shark? Well, Sure, Why Not?

People were shocked to see a 6 foot thresher shark swimming just off shore in Rockaway .

It came ashore finally...it was obviously sick and trying to beach itself. Animal control put it back in the water.

Photo:Thresher shark

People were amazed. One woman was as shocked by the shark as by the recent tornado in NY. She should not have been shocked really. Sharks are quite common. You just don't often notice them.

The Atlantic Ocean is teeming with sharks. Yes, off Rockaway, off all of Queens.. and they are in NY harbor.. they live in the ocean you see. Would not be surprising if one cruised up the East River (which is really a strait). Sharks are known to do that, witness the severe attacks up the Matwan Creek in NJ.

Hint: stay off sandbars..they feed there. Most attacks happen in less than thigh deep water and it doesn't take a large one to do quite a bit of damage with a nice healthy bite out of your meaty thigh or calf.

Sharks are also in the bays and ... horror of horrors.. hold onto yourcollective kippot.. they can even swim up into rivers and lagoons!

There are sharks all up and down the Jersey and the New York shore and out into Long Island.

Photo:Nice Great White caught 2006 off Montauk, NY

Sharks in Deal, Sharks in Bradley Beach, ....and (ominous music) sharks in Queens!!! You just rarely see them since they troll for nice juicy fish.
Sharks are found in most ocean waters all over the world, no place is immune.
14 footers are caught off Queens not too infrequently.
16 to 20 foot Great White was spotted off Center Moriches in chest deep water in Long Island. Bit sucker.. you might be lunch.
Sharks in Lakewood are mostly on land and behind the wheel.

Lemon knows these things.

If you would like to catch your own shark in New Jersey, This is the Place


  1. how does shark taste anyway?

  2. Since it has skin and not fins and scales, I have no clue.
    :P take that.

  3. well maybe we can crossbreed a shark with a cow to make a kosher cowshark

  4. I will cow your shark mister.
    Hmm, maybe a knishburger ....

  5. make no burgers thou of me!

    maybe the sharks can be waiters, they're always moving anyway, they might as well balance some plates and trays on their fins

  6. Sharks wait for no one! They move along at a mighty clip looking for knishes in blue!

  7. they better learn to wait if they want good tips!

    like eels or stingrays

  8. Holy Mackerel, you are just floundering around with these comments just for the Halibut!
    I think you oughta clam up now, Cause Frankly Scallop, I don't give a clam.

  9. hey i have a forward thinking vision of an undersea restaurant filled with sharks delivering the food

    and i defy anyone to point out the flaw in my plan!

  10. Maybe we can get a Klezmer band to play the theme from JAWS?


  11. you both are soooooooooooooo bad lololol...oy sharks...vey...in new jersey??? oyoyoyoy...back to the pool for me...have a sweet shavuah tov...loved the post but loved the comments even more you two

  12. Yup, sharks in Jersey, New York, even up in Maine and Greenland has its very own breeds!

    Hmm, the Klezmer sounds interesting LOL