07 May, 2008

Large Hadron Collider... doorway to another Universe?

Science has taken yet another leap beyond its time with the creation of super colliders.

Brookhaven National Labs has created a tiny black hole by using a Relativistic heavy Ion Collider which fired beams of gold nuclei into one another to create a plasma globe that was hotter than the sun! Some of the tiny particles were absorbed by the plasma creating a tiny black hole.

Europe , however has built a massive underground collider that stretches for some 16 miles in circumference from France and into Switzerland! It is 320 feet under ground. It is the Large Hadron Collider.(seen in photo on left)

Having already created anti-hydrogen, they are now creating anti-matter in an effort to produce a small new universe.When hydogen and anti-hydrogen come together they annihilate one another unless they are in a vacuum. The LHC large hadron collider, will produce pressures of 500 tons per meter and temperatures hotter than the sun. We hope the area is strong enough to withstand it. So, anti matter is no joke and not sci fi either.

The goal is to find the 'G-d particle'.. the cause of creation. No one really knows what will happen if they find it.

Looking into the mouth of the beast you can see how huge its core it!

It is shaped like a giant Bagua.. as used in Feng Shui.

The Bagua is supposed to regulate or map chi.. or energy in people and places and things. It is to help balance the Yin and Yang within things and keep them from overpowering one another.

And..it is like the symbols for the Dharma initiative.

The science on Lost is becoming uncannily like that of the LHC which the Dharma symbol resembles. This huge collider in France will be able to open up a door to another universe.

Needless to say it is scary when men begin to open up new boxes with very little to go on except theory.
When the Manhattan project fired off the first atomic bomb the inventers had no clue what the bomb would do or how it would behave. For all they knew, it was stated, they might blow New Mexico off the map.
Well it didn't but it did have some ugly side effects for soldiers who witnessed this and other tests.
The super collider though opens a whole new can of worms.. a veritable Pandora's box into the complete unknown and who can tell what will come of it. The thoughts boggle the mind. The potential for disaster and horror are all there and real.


  1. Neat post Lemon. Watch "The Mist". I thought it was a good movie. The ending was sad, but, to me, a good movie. I really enjoyed the short story by Stephen King. I would, though, like to see the science go forward. I hope I am not wrong, but I think the potential benefits would be worth it.

  2. That was really interesting and frightening in a way. Who knows what the future holds. So many science fiction things in the past have actually come to fruition. Exciting times are coming.....

  3. i tend to view science not directed at practical applications as being mostly useless and for all the hype, i doubt this will produce anything particularly interesting except lots of theories

  4. another attempt of man trying to be a god. not that he thinks he isn't already.

    I think it will have consequences and the usual destructive ones. Every time man messes with the universe he destroys it bit by bit.

    Take space travel. We have crap floating all over out there from parts of satellites, rocket pieces and theres rocket fuel floating about.

    Yip, man can't do anything without damage. :]