24 January, 2008

Now the Three Little Pigs Get British Jackboot.

Just last year British Jackbooted perveyors of Dhimmitude axed Piglet simply because he is a pig!! That's right, these race conscious, sex conscious hypocrits got rid of Piglet for the sole reason that he is a tiny piggy!!

See my post on that HERE.

This time it is the 3 Little Pigs, that famous ,valient trio who fought off the wicked, ugly, satanic wolf of evil who tried with all his might to destroy their home and eat them alive! Sound familiar? Of course it does. Don't we wish that there were manly men in government who didn't fear wolves in sheep's clothing? Yes, of course we do.
And, of course, it is axiomatic that anyone who tries to destroy the Three Little Piggies automatically aligns themself with the Wicked, Evil, Rotten, ravening wolf.

And we all know that storybook wolves are always evil to the core! Why they even make peepee on everything in your home given half a chance. Just try housebreaking one. They mark their territory with their own peepee(the technical storybook term for the process of micturition or urination).
Piggies on the other hand do no such thing as they build their OWN HOMES just as the story illustrates.
Wolves do not build their own homes and take over the homes of others.
Also, Piggies actually rid you of vermin! Pigs are the best defense against rattlesnakes. I have seen the introduction of piggies into a field rid that place of those poisonous vermin in just a little while!(true piggy fact)
Yes, Piggies are heroes in the animal world and heroes to the human race whom they protect from poisonous creatures of all kinds. All Hail the Piggy,the little pink heros of animaldom.

I made Piglet part of the crew here because I refuse to ban him from my site. I find him to be protective and cute. He keeps the wolves out.
Now the Three Little Pigs , available at amazon or your local bookstore, must also be made a banner cause of those who love liberty and freedom and despise venomous rattlesnakes.

Don't allow the Wolves of Gloom and Doom to ban Piggies of any sort from your life. Take a stand.


wolf meets his end
in 3  Little Pigs Tale

Above all remember that in the end the wolf always loses!!......


  1. i'll take a pig over a turbaned murderer any day

    the muslim obsession with pigs is some sort of bizarre projected phobia

  2. "prjected phobia" is exactly right.

    Muslims hate what resembles them most.

  3. Sorry about the typo. I meant projected phobia.

    The British and Muslims really have gone off the deep end with this paranoia about pigs. Loco mentis.

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