10 September, 2008

1...2...3 Big Bang

Today is the day that scientists fire up the Large Hadron Collider to see if they can recreate the moment of the theoretical

big bang of creation.
They are looking for what they have come to call the G-d particle or the Higgs Bosons.
Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is betting they will not find it but if they do it will prove the String theory.

Of course the test was already performed on Long Island at Brookhaven National Labs and a small black hole was created

but disappeared in seconds. The LHC in France, however, is 17 miles long and 328 feet underground and quite a lot bigger than Brookhaven's.

Scientists from many areas of the world opened a law suit to try and stop today's test because , as with nuclear explosions, no one really knows exactly what could happen and many scientists predict it might open up a doomsday scenario. Many physicists say it will create a black hole that might grow and envelope parts or all of the earth eventually.

Others are not concerned and feel their theories will hold and that all will go well. We can certainly hope they are right.

The lack of news on the firing up of the LHC is amazing really in light of the super significance of the test.
If they are successful it will be the opening of a totally new era on earth.
It would also be the foundation for a super weapon that no nation on earth could resist or combat in the wrong hands.

I wrote two previous pieces about the collider that you can find more information in HERE and Here


  1. well i just subscribed to your blog by email, so if the earth is destroyed, will the subscription still work?

  2. LOL. TY for lightening the mood Sultan 'cause I really don't understand this scientific experiment and it sort of scares me.

    Okay. Scare is too extreme. It makes me uneasy.

  3. It should make us all uneasy.
    This is potentially a mega weapon and man has always used the weapons he invents.