14 September, 2008

The Rosenbergs

The Rosenbergs were bad people.

They recruited their own relatives who worked at Los Alamos to gather information for them to hand over to Russia on the Atomic bomb.

There is much talk lately on whether the Rosenbergs should have been found guilty or arrested at all...etc and on and on. Talk that evidence was faked.... blah..... blah.

Well they were arrested and tried and found guilty by a legal court of law.

I wonder why people would find a problem with it. Especially Jews!!

They were guilty and much evidence proved that. Evidence proven reliable and proven accurate today!

In 1995 the finally released Verona cables proved that the crimes of the Rosenbergs were very significant indeed and that the Rosenbergs were part of a very sophisticated network of Communist spies infiltrating the US.

Why? To destroy the nation and its inhabitants.. to make them the serfs and slaves of socialistic government.
Socialism/Communism is simply making people into serfs who work for the almighty government.

To add to it, Aleksander Feklisov head of the KGB proved that he had recruited the Rosenbergs to spy for Mother Russia in 1943.Nikita Kruschev also spoke of the great help Russia received from the Rosenbergs in aiding their nuclear program.

Russia is the enemy of Jews. If you have doubts go learn history quickly!

Jews who spy for a rotten Communist killing machine like Russia, which murdered untold numbers of Jews in pogroms and in gulags etc., who ground the remaining Jews into the dirt through oppression and hatred are rotten.You don't spy for the enemies of Jews unless you yourself are an enemy of the Jews.

Leftists were mad then and are angry about the conviction still today because their prime focus is the destruction of the US and other democratic nations in the world including Israel. They hate to see the US win at anything. They love to see it kicked and abused and to see the lives of its citizens compromised by rotten spies like those two and their henchmen.

So leftists cry and sigh over the demise of enemies of the Jewish people and enemies of America because they are the enemies of good and right.

These two spies didn't care who died as a result of their nefarious activities. Their concern stopped with their own selfish ideological insanity.

We should be pleased that such evil was removed from amongst us and G-d has much to say about those who are not.

Yeshaya 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that change darkness into light, and light into darkness; that change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter!


  1. exactly, the rosenbergs were communist party members, members of an organization that had killed millions and would kill millions

    what kind of person in their right mind agonizes over their lives?

  2. Many agonize over it in todays atmosphere where good is called evil and evil is called good.

  3. sure and evil always gets a second chance, while good never does

  4. Hello. I think this is my first time on your excellent site.
    Thank you for writing about this. And for writing about it honestly and with passion. If you are a Jew it is even more important to have written these words. As you may or may not know, I am pretty much of a regular at J Blog and I have written many articles on the Jews and on Israel. But I am not a Jew. This whole subject of the Jews on the left -- both in today's world and in recent history -- such as the Rosenbergs -- is a difficult one to discuss. It is especially difficult if you are pro-Israel, as I am. It's not in our best interest to say bad things about our allies. In this volatile climate of PCism it's also very difficult to talk about the very obvious presence of Jews in extreme leftist organizations, either current or past, which seem devoted to the destruction of America, without sounding anti-Semitic. But, as you have just proven, it can be done, and it is necessary to be truthful. Not only does this honesty not hurt the Jewish people, I believe it raises them up and says to us who are not Jews -- Look we abhor the same things you do. Treason is treason, whether it's done by a Jew or a gentile.
    If you have ever read any of my articles you know how much I honor honesty. And this is one reason I respect this article so much.

    It's a pleasure meeting you.
    Roger G.

  5. BS"D

    Almost as soon as the KGB archives were open, evidence was found that the Rosenbergs of less than blessed memory were as guilty as can be.

    Who in the world is perpetrating the conspiracy theory to this very day? The latest version I heard is that Izevel, I mean Ethel, Rosenberg, was framed. At best it means that both she and the one in whose favor she was framed were BOTH guilty yet only one was dispatched.

    Can't say yemach shmam veyeabed zichram about Jews but the Rosenbergs are serving Stalin nice, hot tea inside the boiler of the boiler room!

  6. Even though my lil' head is empty, I can think of something to say today! I love the poster!!!! :]

  7. It seems the left agonizes over the Rosenbergs because they were Communists, merely persecuted for their political affliation. BUT they were more than passive members of a political party, rather terrorists before the term became an everyday word.

    As for why Jews in particular would be upset about their fate? I have no idea whatsoever; then again, I can't understand why Jews today would support the disengagement and handing Israel over to terrorists without a fight.

    And yet...even when I posted a video that ridiculed Olmert as an evil clown I felt guilty about posting it because...he is a Jew.

    Crazy, I know.

  8. Keli.. YOU are a Jew. You have that heart. It is what makes you a jew.
    Olmert is NOT a Jew. Have no fear.
    Do you remember how Yaacov tricked his father? The hands are Esavs but the voice is Yaacov.

    Today the hands are Yaacov but the voice is Esav.
    I am not so sure that everything is what we think it is.

    Hint: one job of Eliyahu will be to include those wrongfully excluded (Your sefardic Italian family and your French family).. and to excluse those WRONGFULLY included.