21 October, 2009

New Jersey Isn't What You Think.....

The state of New Jersey often takes a 'bum rap' when it comes to reputation. That bad reputation as an unattractive black sheep to New York is undeserved and comes from people whose only sight of N.J. is from the Newark Airport corridor, a section of unbridled industrialization that leaves much to be desired.
That area, however , is a tiny section of a beautiful state with millons of acres of forested land, gorgeous seashore and lovely mountains and lakes.

New Jersey is second only to Kentucky in the raising of Thoroughbred horses. 

Cranberry bog
New Jersey is called the Garden State because of it's abundance of small farm crops. Blueberries, cranberries, corn and the most delicious tomatoes in the entire world all are major crops in New Jersey. Gardens, especially vegetable gardens are popular and grow amazingly well in the slightly acid soil of NJ.
photo: harvesting cranberries in a bog.

The colors of autumn in north Jersey are vivid with oranges, almost neon yellows and deep reds.
A ride through New Jersey in autumn is breathtaking because of the beauty and depth of the colors one will see there.

People pride themselves on planning for varied color Spring through Fall.

Most of NJ is still farmland. You will find hundreds of thousands of acres of good land growing crops and hosting dairy farms.
New Jersey's rich yellow Guernsey milk is delicious and healthful.

The Delaware River flows between the border of NJ and Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful place to visit and typical of what can be seen along the border from north to south.

Rushing falls surge into the Delaware River that flows into Delaware Bay far to the south.

Nothing unusual here. NJ has thousands of waterfalls, big and small. From the Great Falls in Passaic County to the ice cold rushing falls of the forests both in north and south Jersey, the breathtaking views are too numerous to mention.
Every nook and cranny is filled with eye pleasing sights.
I don't think there is a section of the state that does not have something worth seeing and remembering.

There is beauty from the top of the state ......

To the Bottom.....
Blue oceans and white sugar sand are the norm.
New Jersey beaches are safe , easy to access and cleaner than most.
Surfing is good and swimming is protected with great life guard teams throughout the summer .

Right on down to the Cape at the bottom of the pennisula, it just gets prettier and prettier as you go along.

There are barrier islands also, narrow and with sections untouched and pristine.

In South Jersey most towns on the shore have their own beaches.

Here is the view as you leave the beach in Spring Lake, New Jersey, a lovely seaside town situated on a small lake.
Old fashioned homes are the order of the day here and there is a variety of bed and breakfast establishments that are quite lovely.

The majority of New Jerseyans live in small quiet towns.

quiet streets.....

Princeton University

Small shops and family owned stores

Princeton in Fall
Princeton, NJ, home of Princeton University , dates from the Revolutionary days and retains much of the original charm.
A fall photo shows the rural aspects of the town.

Beautiful streams with paths to walk .

Night time in Newark

There are cities too. Newark was once a lovely city with an exciting nightlife, theatres, plays, opera and clubs. Once run down it is now making a huge comeback with safer streets and cultural activities.

There are lots of great things to see and do in New Jersey too.

There is a wonderful aquarium with all kinds of sea life represented.

They even have a restaurant where the fish and turtles can watch you dine .

You can see broadway plays at the Papermill Playhouse(left). Great stars of screen and stage come there to perform.
It has been in operation for many years and keeps improving all the time. They even have children's events.


Lakes, streams, pine barrens (millions of acres of them). Fishing, hunting, all manner of things to do and see.

Old Mills

quiet orderly neighborhoods

This is New Jersey.. and it is not what you think.


  1. well with autumn coming there should be some great foliage sights to see in new jersey

  2. Beautiful! You've inspired me now, I'll have to do something on Sydney.

  3. Thanks for the photos, really beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pictures and lots I didn't know about Jersey. I think I love it now!!

  5. surely these photos are from connecticut or new hampshire. if they really were of jersey, the jersey devil would have been in at least one of them. (dumb grin)

  6. Yo, I had intended to include a photo of him and his history, but have decided that it would make another post.
    So get ready for the Jersey Devil in all his glory.

    He lurks around all the time so photos of him are easy to take.
    I will dedicate the post to you.

  7. Gorgeous photos! I especially like the fall foliage.

    Please do post a picture of this fictional (?) Jersey Devil.

    The only Jersey Devil I've ever seen is a neighbor's boxer named Jersey lol.

  8. BS"D

    Great pics but you forgot another species native to New Jersey:

    The Jailbird. Residing in Federal housing, the jailbird has held political office in New Jersey until he could no longer fly and was then given a cage in Club Fed.

    And the Jersey Devil? Ah, that must be a special species of songbird which sang of cash and kidneys in order not to become a jailbird. Its alternate name is Solomon D-ek, as there is some dispute as to how to properly pronounce the letter after the D..

  9. Anonymous2:16 PM

    awesome. I shared it on FB. Thanks

  10. Grammy10:48 PM

    I was born and raised in NJ. Now,at 78, I have a Bucket List. Always wanted to see a waterfall, never knowing we have them here.So perhaps I will get my wish.

  11. I hope you get to see many of them Grammy!
    NJ has quite a few and all of them lovely.