31 March, 2011

Strontium 90 In Milk

When they tell you not to worry about increased levels of radiation found in milk don't listen to them. Find alternate sources.
The body mistakes strontium for calcium. Cows are subject to picking it up outside, as are lactating women.
Washington State now has increased levels of radiation from Fukishima in their milk but for you fans of nuclear power you need to know that this is not the only way that radiation seeps into milk.

Simply living by a nuclear plant will put strontium 90 into your childrens teeth, increasing the likelihood of childhood cancers. It is found in the rain, the drinking and ground water, just by virtue of a nuclear plant being around.
Yet we can't use coal. It might be "dirty"?
The ignorance and mindless blather are more than I can stand sometimes.
We have had increased cancers in children in America since the 1960s when nuclear power plants were just beginning to be built.

The deaths of people who lived in the west, mainly Utah, from open air nuclear testing were kept quiet. But whole towns in southwestern Utah suffered from large cancer clusters because of the testing.
It is also not widely known that just living by nuclear power is a danger. Here is an article of interest on that.

The Fukishima disaster is ongoing and the danger is growing wider and more deadly by the day.
Japan needs to evacuate the entire area. As a matter of fact they should have done so long before now.
Those who love nukes have their heads firmly planted deep beneath the earth. All the evidence on nuclear power shows it is one of the most dangerous ways to get power. It is simply not manageable on a normal scale.

 Nuclear energy is not a good option, though the Republican party will now push for it more and more using lies and deceit to get their way simply because there are now Democrats voicing opposition to nuclear power. It is all politicial.
Neither party is concerned with truth anymore.

By the way. It will take more concrete than the entire nation of Japan has to bury Fukishima.
It should have already been underway. They are literally playing with people's lives over there.
When politics and big business comes into collision  with health or  the environment ,things always go very badly.
No one who has anything to sell is going to tell you it might damage your health.

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