30 June, 2011

Dead Sea Sink Holes Increasing

Sinkholes in and around the Dead Sea are not letting up. In fact they show no sign of slowing down at all and are increasing.

The earth is undergoing great change right now. Sinkholes in various places around the globe and not due to earthquake activity.

In Australia recently people watched as a giant sink hole opened up near Frasier Island and the  area around the Dead Sea has become very active with sink hole creation.

What's causing all this?  Some say it is lack of water, others are not so sure. While some areas are fenced off, others are not because they just do not know where or when they will occur. This means the area is very dangerous.

The holes are being created on both sides of the salty lake and it is being called a "swarm" of holes.The GSI, geological survey of Israel,  say it is the result of  "human induced shrinkage of a terminal lake".

Others are saying it is the result of man made conditions around the planet such as HAARP, which sends waves into the atmosphere and is said to be able to induce tremendous weather changes and as Tesla predicted, send shockwaves deep into the earth to induce earthquakes.

Tesla said that he was the one who brought on the Tunguska incident with his "death ray".
While the term death ray  got him laughed at at the time, the technology was and is sound and has been duplicated.

In reality it was a particle beam that could bring down planes in flight or be sent around the world to induce all manner of effects. He also believed that sending shock waves deep into the earth would have a profound effect as well.

Time Magazine gave a simplistic idea of it in their July 23, 1934 issue.
“Last week Dr. Tesla announced a combination of four inventions which would make war unthinkable.
Nucleus of the idea is a death ray-a concentrated beam of sub-microscopic particles flying at velocities approaching that of light. The beam, according to Tesla, would drop an army in its tracks, bring down squadrons of airplanes 250 miles away. Inventor Tesla would discharge the ray by means of 1) a device to nullify the impeding effect of the atmosphere on the particles 2)a method for setting up high potential 3) a process for amplifying that potential to 50,000.000 volts; 4) creation of “a tremendous electrical repelling force.”

While some believe these waves are being shot deep inside the earth to produce the increase in volcanic activity and serious earthquakes,   most consider it to be natural forces at work on the earth.
It remains to be seen what is causing it all.



  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Hashem is causing the earthquakes and "unprecedented" extreme weather. Hashem....

  2. Ultimately he is behind all things, but it is still interesting to see the forces at work.

  3. Janet Clare8:12 AM

    I wonder how this fits into HaShem's Plan to change the Dead Sea into fresh water. Also, where will the salt go?

    (It sure is strange how smoothly round sink-holes are, except a bit for the Dead Sea ones. Even Israel's sinkholes are different from the nations.)