04 December, 2012

Louisiana SinkHole.... 100 Hiroshima Size Bombs if it Explodes

A 2nd post for Tuesday Evening....

any explosion
" would be
in the range of
one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs,
the most
United States weapons
in active service."

Sink holes are in the news because they are getting more frequent and much,much larger.  The ground in the USA has been compromised badly over many years. This sink hole has methane gas lurking beneath it as well.
The huge and dangerous sink hole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana is over 7 football fields in size and is still  growing larger and sinking deeper and is moving toward a large butane containing cavern.
Trees in the area are dying fast and it will probably become a huge lake. A Poison lake.
As if this were not enough, sickness is accompanying the sink hole with 'every other' household finding itself with one or more family members feeling ill.
Another concern is that the destabilization of the ground could lead to massive earthquakes in areas where these massive sink holes are appearing.
Bobby Jindal has failed to visit the area since the crisis began back in early summer.  Residents are now demanding his action.
A letter to Jindal from residents asking for a visit was blown off by his office.
See "Where is Bobby?... Anywhere but Bayou Corne"

The hole will expand wherever you see dead trees and beyond

Back in July people in the Bayou Corne area of Assumption Parish began noticing gas bubbling up out of the ground. By August a giant sink hole was discovered.
Now this hole was formed when the salt dome collapsed beneath it.
Why did it collapse? Because we mine the salt by pumping water into the dome , then we extract the brine. The result is an empty cavern.
Some of these huge caverns which go down thousands of feet and hundreds of feet wide, however, are no longer empty as they are used to store a variety of deadly materials like hydrocarbons and pressurized butane gas.
The cavern beneath Bayou Corne has breached even more and deisel fuel and hydrocarbons are leaking into it and to the surface.
They have tried to drill around these caverns but had to stop because they are running into flammable gases underground and it is far too dangerous to continue.
The entire dome is over 3 miles long by 1 mile wide and fears are that the entire thing is collapsing and filling with pressurized gases.
They are not considering emptying the caverns. 

A large cavern near the sinkhole contains 1.1 MILLION barrels of   pressurized butane gas. Homeland Security  is extremely worried and says the area is irreparably damaged and will lead to more and more sink holes.
1.1 Million barrels is 42,000,000 gallons of butane. Butane is extremely high powered and combustible.

The potential for explosion is huge and a news blackout has been placed over the area to keep panic from developing.
According to investigations by the  Examiner, any explosion " would be in the range of one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, the most powerful United States weapons in active service."
That is equivilent to 100 Hiroshima sized bombs.

It is located next to the Waterford Nuclear Plant.  This plant joins 100 others in the USA that are built on geologically unstable areas.

This past October the entire area suffered an earthquake that collapsed the entire edge of the 3 mile salt dome.  Homes in the entire area are having methane gauges installed  and need constant ventilation.
Tremors are continuing.
Things are getting worse daily.

For more information, especially if you live in the area, see the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.


  1. I cannot even fathom what this could do.

  2. The right wing has always demonized environmentalists. Let free enterprise do its thing and we'll all benefit - they say. No regulations for us. Never mind that they routinely leave their mess for others to clean up. The result is that the right wing has developed an irreparable bad image. Youth flock to the liberal and leftist parties because they say they care for the planet (they don't really). The nuclear industry has bought the environmental leadership, so you don't hear a peep from them about its dangers.

    As a Canadian I vote for PM Stephen Harper's Conservatives because of his support for Israel, but I do it while holding my nose. His party is a great promoter of that obscenity called the Tar Sands. The Tar Sands have already caused great environmental damage and will cause even more in the future, as they export its product to China using pipelines and freighters through a very delicate ecosystem.

    AKA Canadian Otter

    1. There are no political sides in this as both sides are ruining the earth for greed and money.
      Rupublicans tend to take their position on the opposite side of environmentalism just 'because'. Most of them have absolutely no knowledge of the subject at all. It is kind of pathetic.
      Fracking and tar sands will destroy the land. Its really that serious.

  3. This may be what the Mayans explain In the video on shiratdevorah.

  4. There is a huge difference between irresponsible environmentalism, which stifles progress in order to save spurious species of sandflies or sewer rats, and protecting the environment to prolong human life.

    The real problem is that the fossil and nuclear fuel industries are so entrenched that no one is looking for any safer alternatives.