05 December, 2012

The Expanding Earth Theory

Expansion Tectonics by Michael Netzer

Many are astonished when they are shown evidence that the earth is growing.          It is an intriguing idea and solves many problems science has faced with other scenarios.

Artist Neil Adams shrunk the globe by 50%  and showed that the continents fit together with perfection.     Only by expanding the globe did the continents separate and move apart to their present locations.
Science has tried to explain the separation of the continents for years without success.

While land sections of the planet are extremely old, the ocean floors are new.
Dinosaurs  would have roamed an earth that was much smaller, they say and without oceans which formed much later.

According to the expanding earth thinking, "this process of removing parts of the ocean floor that didn't exist in the past can be repeated at all time intervals up to 200 million years old to slowly reduce the size of the Earth as it becomes more ancient. Eventually only the ancient continents are left and these can be joined together to form a continuous continental shell on an ancient smaller diameter Earth." Steven Hurrell

Another proof is that the bones  of dinosaurs and their ligaments and muscles (we judge musculature from the condition of your bones) is far too weak to support their massive size.
A smaller earth would is proven to have reduced gravity and so the massive animals would be able to survive easily with their weak bones, muscles and ligaments.
Dinosaurs could not survive on earth today. They would collapse under their own weight. Here is a link explaining this.
A smaller diameter earth would explain the huge size of all life on earth in ancient times.

More information on expansion tectonics here.


  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    It's nonsense.


    1. Well it's someone's random youtube video, so that clearly proves that a youtube video exists

  2. Replies
    1. Sure.
      I present this as something interesting, not as fact or something written in stone as some seem to think.

  3. S.M. Keller12:43 PM

    I like to see alternative views on things myself. Keeps the mind open and moving.

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Interesting. Both sides of this have points in their favor. Not sure which side I come down on.