18 February, 2013

Radiation at Bayou Corne---
Further Dome Collapse

Evidence now proves the presence of radiation in the Bayou Corne area of Lousiana.

How much worse will this situation get?   We can only wait and see.
Since the development of the huge sink hole at Bayou Corne in Louisiana, the hole has been steadily growing larger and larger and earthquake activity is increasing as well.
via Dutchsinse. Click to enlarge and read
It is, needless to say, a very dangerous situation and the people who have had to leave their homes still have no return date in view. In fact, it looks more likely they might never be able to return.
The sink hole is gobbling up acreage  very quickly.
It looks like the entire salt dome is collapsing and the implications for disaster are looming over Louisiana quite heavily.
Salt domes  can stretch for miles underground.
Dutchsinse,who has followed the Bayou Corne disaster from the start has some of the most comprehensive information about it.
You must see the diagrams at his site to appreciate the gravity of the situation.
"Multiple miles of the Salt Dome complex in Bayou Corne are collapsing.. also several reports of higher radioactivity inside the Dome complex sink area"

You can read more here at his very informative and thoroughly researched site.
You can see his latest video on the sink hole below. Keep in mind that the brown trees and vegetation are dead from the sink hole effect. It's not winter time brown, its dead.

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