10 March, 2013

Bayou Corne: "Get Out Now!"

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Seneca 4 BCE –65 CE

Texas, where fracking wells are placed right next to homes, has now begun experiencing earthquakes.
The latest was Sunday, March 10 in Cresson.    You can find information on it here.
The area is also experiencing gas leaks from the fracking sites.
Earthquakes and sinkholes are only one part of the dangers of fracking which also include poisoned grass for milk and beef cattle and poisoned and burning drinking water for people in fracking areas.  The very food you eat is being poisoned.

Meanwhile, back in Lousiana, residents of Bayou Corne are being   sternly warned to get out of the area quickly. The sinkhole is growing steadily.
The gas pressure under the area is in danger of exploding.
The land and the homes are worthless now. These people have lost everything.
More information here .

Concerns now are that the sinkhole will double and take out Route 70.
  Bobby Jindal came out from under his rock to  meet with people in the area for the very first time.  Residents were not surprised that he kept dodging the situation.
Presidential candidate?  Ha! Not even for garbage inspector.

If lobbying and corporate campaign funding were outlawed in the US perhaps politicians would not have so much incentive to do their masters bidding and dirty work.

No where in the world has a brine cavern collapsed to the extent of Bayou Corne. This is huge and ongoing. Yet, the plain cause is ignored and obfuscated by politics and corporations.      It is a national disgrace.

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  1. A National disgrace? yes, Lemon, unfortunately, that sums it up. Much lately seems to amount to this. I don't know what to say so much of the time...The sheer extent is appauling....