20 March, 2013

"Nobody in the world has ever faced a situation like this..."

Worry continues over Bayou Corne as it is growing by acres and becoming more unstable as time goes by.

It has been determined that there are 8 different sources feeding the problem.

Gary Hecox,  a geologist working on the sinkhole  for the State of Louisiana said,
"Don Marlin, who’s our 3-d seismic expert, using the 2007 3-d seismic has identified 8 potential hydrocarbon source zones that could be feeding the disturbed rock zone and into the MRAA [Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer]."

A disturbed rock zone means that this is a problem caused by fracking and it could be headed toward total disaster.

Hecox  stated that,"Nobody in the world has ever faced a situation like this..."  The gas accumulation is huge.

The potential for a truly catastrophic disaster is becoming more real every day that this goes on.
Not only is oil  seeping up but toxic gases and solvents and there is a need to know whether radiation is also seeping to ground level as salt domes are used to house nuclear waste.
In the Bayou Corne area are over 50 salt domes housing nuclear waste material, toxic solvents and deadly gases.

The aquifer is most likely destroyed and that is already a major disaster, perhaps one of the biggest in American history.

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