15 October, 2013

Typhoon and Fukushima

We hope for the best as what is being called 'once in a decade" monster typhoon Wipha heads toward Fukushima.
Nuclear waste water is being drained ahead of time in an effort to prevent  more problems with radiation leadage into the Pacific.
Worries about the fuel pools collapsing due to typhoons is very real according to nuclear expert   Andrew Karam, PhD
Dr. Andrew Karam 

" No, that’s a very real concern. I do not know what it is that they’re doing about that. But the way that something like that could happen would be if it were to collapse, lose its cooling water and before they could start to cool it again, if the temperature increased to the point where the spent fuel were to melt, you could start releasing some of the more volatile radionuclides […] That’s a plausible scenario."
Karam has worked with the US Navy's nuclear program for years. He is an expert on radiological and nuclear emergencies.

Tepco is bracing for Typhoon Wipha as is the city of Tokyo.

The Kitsap Sun is reporting this as a hybrid storm similar to Hurricane Sandy which hit the US eastern shores last October and did some heavy damage  from which New Jersey and New York are still not able to recover. 

"Even in the absence of landfalling typhoons, cleanup work at Fukushima has hit numerous serious roadblocks, with recent discoveries that the plant has been leaking radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. A team of 16 experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency is currently in Japan to visit the plant and advise the Japanese government on how to deal with the challenge of storing large amounts of radioactive material on site."

Hopefully Japan will weather this storm without any mishaps.


  1. Sarah9:28 PM

    Is Hashem maybe trying to tell us we are too irresponsible to keep messing with nuclear power? Maybe, that until we will be accountable for our actions, that this will keep continuing until the prophets statement about how "the end will not come until a live fish cannot be found in any of the seas" happens?? I don't know. Just because you can build a monster and make it walk like a monster and talk like a monster; maybe you shouldn't be building a monster...:)

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    this scenario is very frightening. i dont know how correct this information is, but there was some news also that the nuclear water has reached the south china sea, asean nations too do fishing. i truly hope this is not true. can anyone give any info on this. the japanese are a very very selfish gov. they talk of increasing toyoto production, this production and that, while their people can become a dying breed. i dont mean to sound racial, but are the chinese from mainland china, koreas, vietnam and all who have the same colored skin and slantish eyes related.

    1. Nuclear News reports:
      China’s State Oceanic Administration says the seas within China’s territory have not been directly affected by radioactive pollutants from Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
      The State Oceanic Administration has been monitoring the open seas in the west Pacific Ocean for three consecutive years since the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.
      Results show the impact of radioactive pollutants in the sea has expanded, with radioactive substances from the Fukushima plant detected at around 20 degrees north latitude. It says, however, that the pollutants do not threaten the safety of seas administered by China."

      I believe all Asian people have the same ancestor.

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Arrogance is a characteristic of the idol worshiper.