03 November, 2013

“We’ve opened a door to hell”

Another earthquake near Fukushima today raises the  major concern of the possibility

of an open air meltdown at Tepco's nuclear plant.

"We’ve got 3 reactors, the cores have left the vessel. They’ve burned through the bottom of the vessel. We don’t really know where they are, because the radioactive environment even fries robots that Tepco’s been trying to send in there. They have been sending very innovative robotic machinery and sensors in there to get a picture, to get a reading, and these things don’t return. We have opened a door to hell that cannot be easily closed — if ever. We’ve got those 3 cores that are melting, they could be somewhere in the concrete base mat burning their way through, they could have already burned through and entered into the ground. They hopefully have formed a huge solid ‘elephant’s foot’ of highly radioactive material."
Paul Gunter

 710 billion becquerels of radioactive materials are pouring out into the world's atmosphere, the air you breathe, giving Fukushima the well deserved nickname of  "the disaster that never ends."
While the self satisfied world today ignores this and believes their god of politics can solve all ills, things are deteriorating more and more rapidly all the time.
Fukushima is killing every day while stewardship of the land and its inhabitants is laughed at by most.
The oceans are dying and this is huge my friends, simply huge. 


  1. It will hit the West Coast of the US like a ton of bricks? Is anyone talking about that? In Hebrew, the Pacific Ocean is the Okianus HaShekat, the Ocean of Silence. It seems that is what it has become. The Fukushima Tsunami occurred 11 days after the Japanese FM offered the Iranian FM nuclear fuel rods for the reactor in Bushehr. I guess the cost of that offer was very high. I wonder if the Japanese got the message.

    1. Sorry inverted the vowels: Okianus HaShaket, but it still means Ocean of Silence.