19 December, 2013

Complete Core Meltdown!


It is pretty well a foregone conclusion now.

Subject: Core melt at Fukushima Unit 1 from to 12 March 2011 JST
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Importance: High
 From Enformable Nuclear News where you can read the letter in its entirety.

Tepco's response was to flood the containment units with sea water.
However, "  Tepco: We should have told public this sooner… we failed to cool molten fuel after meltdowns began — Water from fire pumps went down wrong pipes"

Don't be fooled by the 2011 dates. This is ongoing and not over by any means.  The meltdown continues.

 Meanwhile  Naval personnel from the USS Reagan  ,who rushed to the aid of Fukushima after the earthquake and tsunami, many in their 20's, are suffering from thyroid, rectal, gall bladder, testicular cancers, rectal bleeding,  hair loss, debilitation, etc.
They filed a law suit that was just thrown out of court by a federal judge in San Diego who stated that it was not within her authority to say whether or not the Japanese government had committed fraud about the dangers of the radiation from the Tepco plant.
You can read more about this HERE.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Mercy, mercy upon mankind. Man, at these end of days, seem to be self-destructing and destroying others. We see in the Middle East, so many countries, killing each other, the Western cultures doing same in a different way, by the immorality being lauded and respected instead of the opposite, and the Creator being diminished in so many peoples' eyes. Disasters are a punishment from Above and a wakeup call; He works in mysterious ways. Repentence is the only way out. The world needs to wake up, but doubt that.

  2. I heard Sean Hannity, I believe talking about this. What a disgrace this is. The ships that had American soldiers on them were not properly warned about the contamination and as a result the soldiers have very bad medical issues. The Japanese population? I cannot even imagine...