15 December, 2013

China Bans Seafood from Western US

China has banned all shellfish imports from the western United States as the situation from Fukushima becomes worse each day.
The ban includes Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Northern California all of which are receiving quite a lot of radiation now.
This will have a huge impact on the economy in months to come as China imported half a billion dollars worth of products from the USA.

A navy subcontractor released information about the bad contamination of Treasure Island in San Francisco, a naval installation. I would link the article but it was scrubbed from the internet very quickly because of the information it contained.
Many families are living on Treasure Island and need to be removed for their health sake.

And the Pacific continues to die.
“By July 1, more than 98 percent of it (seafloor 145 miles west of the coast of California between Santa Barbara and Monterey) was covered in the decomposing organisms, according to the study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

More information here.
When mankind puts money ahead of  concern for his fellow man tragedy results.


  1. I wonder about their own seafood. I still see fish marked from China, here in Israel. If it's from the south, I suppose it's all "up current" from Japan.

    Nonetheless, there are other concerns about Chinese seafood, which have not been addressed.

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  3. Seems like the way Fukushima's radiation is affecting the Pacific, someone should build upon Herman Sörgel's unrealised Atlantropa idea of damming the Strait of Gibraltar (along with the Suez canal), transforming the Mediterranean and Black Seas into inland seas.

    Perhaps even include the Red Sea Dam proposal on the narrowest part of the Bab-al-Mandab Strait.


  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    The only seafood we are still eating is tuna. We buy the kind that claims to be packed in Pittsburg, PA. I wonder if we should give that up as well....

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Guess, best bet might be sardines from Morocco. Read in the Kosher Korner of a weekly Torah brochure that the cleanest of the sardines (no worms) are from Morocco, which the kosher company, Seasons, gets their sardines from and there are some other companies also who get them from there. Hope that's still safe and not affected, and that the whole world isn't already contaminated, r'l. Rachamim is really needed.