03 December, 2013

Japan Contaminated

Toddler checked for radiation
About 70% of Japan is contaminated with radiation from Fukushima.  20% of that is extremely toxic radiation and includes Tokyo.

This contamination will last for at least 300 years and according to some opinions many times that.

Health professionals are worried about "catastrophic" effects on Japanese health as well they should be.
 Main stream media continues ignoring this.       They are invulnerable after all.
They are addicted to the worship of science that solves all as well.
Those who said the radiated wave would not hit hard in California were also wrong.   It has not decreased in power or radiation.
 More trouble is still to come and the star fish are dying along the Pacific coast of the USA at an ever increasing rate.

The Pacific Ocean is dying.
 Japan is dying.

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  1. Not sure what we're supposed to do, except pray. The more I hear about Japan, the more it confirms my belief that we cannot trust the mainstream media.