09 January, 2014

San Fran Radiation at 1400% ?

In tiny letters stuffed way down the page in the news is the ghastly report that San Francisco beaches are
reporting radiation hot spots of 1400%. That will fry you fast.
Of course experts deny it has anything to do with Fukushima.
Just as the die off of the Pacific ocean has nothing to do with Fukushima.  
But these experts claim to be 'befuddled'. 
Yes, of course they are. That is evident to anyone with a 9th grade science level.

Dean Peterson, San Mateo County environmental health director: “It’s not something that we feel is an immediate public health concern [...] We’re not even close to the point of saying that any of this is from Fukushima. [...] I honestly think the end result of this is that it’s just higher levels of background radiation.”

Okay.. radiation from what?  Is it developing out of nothing?
Oh, I know... Fiat!  Let there be Radiation!
This is all like a bad   B disaster movie where the hero keeps warning and the experts poo-poo until the world nearly explodes.   Of course, science saves humanity at the last 9 seconds of the film!  Hoorah!

If I fall down on the concrete and scrape my knee should I look elsewhere for causes of the bleeding?
When 90 quadrillion becquerels of Cezium 137 are floating around you can't figure this out?
Japan has now passed a law sentencing journalists who report on the sensitive information from Fukushima/Tepco to 10 years in prison. This is pretty stiff for telling the public the truth.

The Pacific Ocean is dying. Very befuddling? Nah, not to anyone paying attention and adding 2 plus 2.
The sardine population is going extinct in certain areas and they are vital in the food chain. So, other animals are now starving and dying from eating radiated food.

This is a dire and ugly situation but one news outlet chose to use a huge point headline for the woes of New Jersey Governor Christie rather than warn Californians they are in danger.

It is well known in nuclear and scientific circles that a lie is being perpetrated over Fukushima where the meltdown is far from over.

Fukushima trumps Chernobyl. It is far larger, far more dangerous, and at least one million people have died from Chernobyl according to some reports.
Fukushima has released 90 QUADRILLION becquerels of Cezium-137.
A quadrillion is one thousand million billion or 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Even smaller amounts of radiation can destroy a nation.
In Iraq in the Falujah area, women are warned to avoid pregnancy because of the depleted uranium weapons used on the people there.
Babies are born with gross abnormalities, if they are born alive at all. Birth defects and horrible abnormalities are out of the ball park there.
Well, here is something now that will be light years worse.

by the way, if you think the Simpson's 3 eyed fish is silly, it is reality. Waters near Chernobyl are full of them.


  1. Amazing that this is not in the news enough. There isn't anything that any human can do. The problem really is too huge and is still coming on. Really, truly...

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Amazing. No words can cover this

  3. God save us from the criminally insane who are trying to cover up this calamity .

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM

    And why aren't the world's scientists and specialists all called in to see what can be done? By covering it up and since it can be a horrible disaster for the whole world, cannot understand why those who understand these things aren't doing anything. A world gone mad!

  5. Alex Jones of infowars is on this now in a major way.